11 thoughts on “Easter Greetings”

  1. Keeps threatening to pee down here every time I poke my nose out of the door, Happy Easter to all, had your Easter Egg hunt yet for the kids? Had ours last week as the kids are abroad on holiday, it was a joy to watch, Eldest Grandson (7) immediately quartered the garden in a very methodical way and hoovered up the hidden eggs as he went, the youngest boy (5) shot straight to the top of the garden, found an egg and went into raptures of delight, shouting and skipping down the garden to show us. The eldest lifted his head for a brief second and them went back to his task, great fun all round.

  2. Thanks Boadicea and CB.

    Morning OMG. We have fowl roasts here which are beginning to smell good but apart from that too quiet.

    Very envious of watching your egg-hunting grandchildren. Loads of fun. Riotous easter egg hunts are very much of the past here but I loved them. DT man would write enigmatic clues and the boys would always, always astonish us by working the damn things out in record time. Chocolate is a great motivator.

    Only one year there was a hitch when son no 2, who only had picture clues to go on as he was about three, happened upon the final treasure trove meant for no 1 son and we discovered him quietly and messily feasting. Fortunately no 1 son was still half way round the trail and we were able to avert major conflict.

  3. Jan, thanks and all the best to you! The rain has stopped here now, having done the business for my new grass seed. And the hedgerows are getting ‘fat’ with new growth – rather late even for Vikingland.

  4. Glad you’ve had a fine day too, Janus. Pussywillows and catkins all out here by the river. Definitely spring-like.

    Hoppy Easter to you too Pseu!

    And thank you Soutie! Eggsquisite! The prettiest I’ve had. ;D

  5. Yes, Happy Easter everyone. Our first on DnMT.
    I’m listening to Judas Maccabaeus for the first time since our performance and thoroughly enjoying it.

  6. Jan: shocked and horrified! Did you not read it on my page!!!! My singing winter? Actually the story started back on MyT on my page there. Still around when I last looked, but who knows now?

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