You read it first here, Folks

And, just as a matter of interest, what does a Corporate Security Consultant actually do that is worth an enterprise spending money on?

Security of business operations is an acknowledged concern, particularly for international companies with operations spread over many countries. All large companies have a corporate security department and when I left the Colours, I worked as Head of Security for one such company in its Asia Pacific Region. I left that company after I made a bad decision – personal, not professional as may be seen by the fact that, since I left, all of my longer engagements have been for the same company. Now I’m an independent consultant. So, what do I do? The nature of my work means that I am usually called upon for one of two reasons. Either a short engagement to fix a single issue, or a longer engagement where something is not up to scratch in a corporate security department and it is decided that my experience and knowledge will be useful.

So, what’s it all about? My work spans the whole gamut of security of business operations, from physically inspecting security arrangements, installations and procedures at factories, warehouses, logistic centres, ports, airports and office complexes, to writing Risk and Crisis Management plans and procedures, physical, personal and information and IT security policies and procedures to training key staff , building security awareness amongst employees across the company and coaching and building the security team.

Terrorism is just one of the risks that companies have to consider and the impact on a company’s business operations is no different in kind from that of any other disaster. Part of my job, however, also involves the protection of intellectual property and the reduction of the impact of illicit trade – counterfeiting and smuggling. It happens to be the only part of my job that has yet been discussed in these pages, perhaps giving a distorted view of what I actually do. It is a fact, however, that someone in my line of business meets and deals with some shady, not to say downright evil, individuals which is why, when it comes to discussion of such matters, I try to keep things focussed on what is actually being dealt with, not what people think is being dealt with.

4 thoughts on “You read it first here, Folks”

  1. Janus, 17 years in the Intelligence Corps good ‘transferable skillset.’ šŸ™‚ Basic principles are the same and when they have been tested in what you might call, ‘severe’ environments…

    What anyone in my situation has to do is learn business and (civilian,) management skills and I was fortunate in haveing two very good teachers, one a Brazilian guy who taught me how corporate finance works, (now CFO of a major international company,) and the other a Chinese IT guy who taught me how to manage civilians and, particularly, how to sell a business case.

  2. Good-oh….
    Having you around this site then makes me feel a little bit safer. Challenging job, I imagine, as the Internet and computer systems must be a criminals lolly shop, considering the ignorance of most of us.
    Keep up the good job, Bravo, and consider swapping the subway travel for a cab ride.

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