A view for Bearsy and Others

Good Morning:

Bearsy: if you re-read my comment #93, you will see that far from asking you to change your views, I was most emphatically suggesting that I feel exactly the same about some of the views expressed on  the thread of  Bravo’s post as a MEMBER of DNMT.   I hope that clarifies my position. I most certainly agree with your right to comment as you see fit.

I feel that of course discussion is reasonable on any of the subjects that arise out of this appalling event, but don’t feel personally that Bravo’s post is an appropriate place to do so.

This was the reason for my request that Bravo or an administrator remove some of my comments. If you or Bravo choose not to do so, then it is your prerogative of course. I stated that I would prefer this to happen, but no matter.

“I think Tocino makes a very valid point, Bravo. Historically, many so called terrorists are now respectable politicians. I’m sure you can think of many examples.”

Time permitting the above  may be an interesting subject for a post; it is, however, a viewpoint and not an endorsement by me of their actions in any way, nor should it be construed as such.

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  1. Thanks Furry: I have read your comment on Bravo’s thread.

    Point taken about sensitivity to Bravo’s state of mind. It was a result of having been involved in two other posts on this issue, one of which hit the right note, in my opinion and the other…my views on which are unprintable in a public forum!

    My first comment on the thread was actually :

    “Evening Bravo: thank goodness you are Ok. I’m sorry to hear that one of your colleagues was involved though. Appalling events and I did think of you when I heard the news this morning.”

  2. Minty MBE,

    I noticed your first comment. Which is why I decided that your subsequent comment was genuinely to inspire debate and not to defend these terrorists.

    I do not think any terrorists should be forgiven for their crimes. In the case of suicide bombers of course that includes anyone who helped the evil beggars achieve their aim or convinced them it was a good idea. I said more on Bravos post and it is too boring to repeat.

    I can guess where other blogs may have led you down a certain mindset Minty, but be careful not to adopt an opposite purely on the basis of who is giving the opinion. That is the whole danger behind the “All Muslims are Evil” wave which our meeja and more simple minded, easily led unfortunates seem to be caught up in. They are the idiots who cry “Wolf!” (no offense OZ).

    As I reminded Bravo, vigilance is key. If we become desensitised to the true threat, we don’t see it.

  3. Thank you Furry, once again.

    I try extremely hard to take each issue on its merit, regardless of the personality of the commentator, but don’t always succeed. The trouble with this issue is that it does tend to polarise views, and I must admit to a certain irritation when others “assume” they know my views on each and every subject, or my experiences in life. They do not.

    I am in total agreement with you on the subject of media “hysteria” and the dangers of becoming desensitised to the threat of terrorism, but equally one can overestimate the actual threat.

    Those who are involved in these tragedies and their families have my total sympathies and of course it is impossible not to feel outraged by the actions of these extremists.

  4. March 30, 2010 at 3:13 am | #95 Quote
    Araminta –
    1. Why on earth should I change my comment?
    Like it or not, this website does bear my name (thanks to an unfortunate lack of foresight), and it shows up that way in Google and other search engines. I wished to make it crystal clear that I, Bearsy do NOT support those who claim or imply on this site that –
    •suicide bombers actions in covertly murdering innocent unsuspecting civilians are no different to any act of declared war,
    •the perpetrators are ‘brave’,
    •they should be respected as freedom fighters,
    •their leaders should not be pursued with extreme prejudice,
    •their funding sources should not be questioned.
    I stress that DNMT members are, of course, entitled to express their personal opinions within Site Policy and I will defend their right to do so irrespective of however much I disagree with them, but I have an equal right to express my personal opinions when I choose to do so, as here.
    2. Moderation of this post is a matter for Bravo. I would not presume to pre-empt his authority, leaving holes in his post before he’s seen the original content.


    I have just seen your comment on Bravo’s thread.
    Your comment, which I reproduce here does indeed have my name on the first line, so I assumed the contents above were addressed to me. The first issue most certainly was and you did not read my comment correctly. See above.
    The last point was also, addressed to me.
    Several people have commented that they felt it was addressed to me.

    Perhaps you could explain why it was not unreasonable of us to believe that it was!

  5. This is ridiculous. You said –

    Please substitute of ”which I am a member” in the above and kindly delete my comments hereon as requested. Thanks.

    There is no way in which this comment can be interpreted as you supporting me. It is a clear and unequivocal instruction from you to me to alter my comment. Don’t claim that I “didn’t read it correctly”. If you meant to be supportive you should have said so.

    Of course #95 was addressed to you – I have just said so on Bravo’s blog. It was a response to your #93, above. But it does not accuse you of the points I list. Not in any shape or form.

    You and others are accusing me of things which I did not do and I reject your accusations. It would be better if you would reserve your attacks for those that deserve it – the terrorists who killed Bravo’s colleague.

    I shall not discuss this subject further. Please feel free to chatter amongst yourselves about how everything is Bearsy’s fault. I shall ignore you.

  6. Bearsy: would you please just reread my comment? It is ridiculous, I agree.

    I was not asking you to do anything with regard to altering YOUR statement. In my case the reading of the comment would be altered to make it an appropriate statement from me, a Member rather than from you, an owner!

    I should have just quoted the bloody comment and substituted member, but it was rather late. I’m absolutely amazed that you read it any other way.
    I have not accused you of anything more serious than not understanding my comment.

    It was MY comments on the thread which I requested were deleted.

  7. Hello Araminta

    I saw this post as it went up and delayed my reply in order to consider the point that you are making.

    I also wanted time to consider how to express my thoughts on my position here.

    Firstly, it was difficult for me not to accede to your request last night, I understand why you made it but let me explain how I see things.

    I don’t see myself as a moderator (unless the WordPress T & C’s are being abused) more of a facilitator. I take great pleasure in helping others by fixing their html errors, correcting obvious errors, and more importantly welcoming new arrivals (e.g.Rainer)

    I see myself more as a members assistant than an ‘administrators right hand man.’

    I have in the past (on here) requested Authors to reconsider their position and statements but as a comment on their thread, I don’t think that anyone has the right to put words in others mouths.

    Hopefully others will read this and understand exactly my take on life here.


  8. By golly folks
    Here I am with my self taught English, realising that the rather strange way of expressing my thoughts might lead to people misunderstanding my intention. After this post I am convinced that the fault lies within the English language. 🙂
    I know that running a site like this is hard work and your effort is appreciated by all. But getting into an argument with others in a post is almost the pleasure of blogging and should not be responded with ” I will pull the plug on DNMYT”.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to separate being a member from being an owner of the site. Otherwise it could be interpreted that criticising you is off limits, which is one of the reasons My T is the crap hole that it is today.
    No hard feelings Bearsy, just a thought.

  9. Hello Soutie: thank you for your considered comment, it is much appreciated. I understand your position perfectly. I did request that certain comments of mine were deleted from the thread, but I was well aware of the fact that I could not insist.

    I think it would have been preferable if Bravo had understood and granted my request, particularly in light of the ensuing furore, but no matter, it is his choice.

    I don’t think there is any need for moderation on this site, save infringement of the obvious site rules and those of WordPress. My feeling is that I would certainly grant such a request on any of my posts, but I appreciate that others are free to make their own choices.

    As to your final point, I could not agree more.

  10. Hello, Rainer: I normally ask if I do not understand the intention behind a comment, but we are all different. Since English is my first and only language, I obviously need a refresher course in communicating in such! 😉

    As to your second paragraph, yes, we all appreciate it is very hard work running a site like this and we are all very grateful. Bearsy does take great pains to differentiate his dual roles, but it is not easy.

    Thanks for your usual sensible approach.

  11. .. or to Bearsy, and this is to Bearsy, the author and poster, who I have always regarded as a friend since the first time I set foot on The Dark Side, have another cup of tea 😉

  12. I have no wish to stir anything up further, but I am going to add a comment here, because I thought it all so incredibly unfair and I’d also like to set the record straight.

    My comment was seen as ‘good’ and Bearsy’s as ‘bad’ – yet in fact we were both saying more or less the same thing. No one had a ‘go’ at me. Bearsy’s comment was misread, and even when people realised that they were not prepared to let go – I got the distinct feeling that there was a fair bit of ‘Bear-baiting’ going on.

    As to the comment about ‘pulling the plug on the site’ – that came from me. The site does take a fair bit of time, and on a regular basis someone has a problem, or issues directives as to how the site should be run – frankly last night I’d had enough… and said so.

    It isn’t Bearsy who has the problem with his two hats (he does after all always say BASM) but other people. I really shouldn’t have to say this, but he has as much right to express his opinion as anyone else here… that’s half the ‘fun’ of the exercise.

    I very nearly wrote a post last night entitled ‘The Name’s Bearsy not Aunt Sally”…

    … nor Rainer is it Prasutagus.

  13. Thanks Boadicea: we all seem to be suffering from a sense of injustice and we are all allowed our say.

    I feel at this point is is worth pointing out that my comments were certainly misread by you and Bearsy. I have apologised, so has Ferret. Let it rest.

  14. Any further comments on the subject on this post will be deleted. As far as I am concerned the subject is closed. If anyone wishes to continue they may do so on their own post.

  15. If you want to close a post to further comments Araminta, all you have to do is to remove the tick against the checkbox which says “Allow comments” on the Edit Post page. [BASM]

    Since you are denying me the opportunity to reply to Rainer – I have spent a long time on the draft – I shall have to turn it into a post. [Bearsy as Bearsy]

  16. Thanks Bearsy: you may of course reply to Rainer on here, I just don’t want any further involvement in this. I didn’t want any in the first place but hey; such is life.

  17. Thank you Araminta, but after interruptions here and in real life, I have lost interest.

    Rainer, like a few others, believes that his function is to give me paternal advice on how to run DNMT and to pronounce judgement on my success or failure.

    Rhett Butler’s oft-quoted remark to Scarlett may serve as my response. 👿

    I shall turn comments off for you after posting this comment

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