Where was I?

You can say bye bye to the question and the little game.  Apparently, computer geeks , came up with a new product:


It’s a reverse photo engine. Means you “show” the  picture it gives you information.

“TinEye is a reverse image search engine. You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions. TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks.”

And today I have heard something similar for the people photo search. Retrieving data including phone and address of the person in the photo.

After the game, now you can say bye bye to privacy.

Author: Levent

Errrm, ummm, well. Darn!

39 thoughts on “Where was I?”

  1. Ha ha, not to worry, I had a look at the site and am tempted to post a pic, in fact I think I’ll do so later this evening.

    stay posted!

  2. Hi Levent: interesting but having read the blurb it does have its limitations.
    I trust you are joking about the people photo search, but I expect it will happen eventually.

  3. Just a thought, this sort of thing could be an interesting tool for stalkers, not that I have bothered to look at it.

  4. I tried it with this one they had no idea

    Here is another pic of the same stadium (different angle)

    They found the second one!

    That’s because the picture isn’t mine, the aerial pic did the rounds via e-mail last year June. Somebody else had written a blog about South Africa and used the identical pic………. they found it!

    Very clever.

  5. Tocino: hardly, perhaps you should have a look a the link 🙂 It may spoil the “where was I? posts, as Levent has explained, but that’s all.

  6. Interesting, I tried a couple of my own pictures, both came up as unknown even though I have posted them on several blogsites. A stock picture was quickly identified. I wonder if the pictures one uploads become a part of the database, it would seem that would be the fastest way to grow the number of hits.

  7. Hi LW: no, it doesn’t work with your own pictures. Only those available on the internet, and not all of those. Apparently a picture only “lasts” 2 hours or so. If a paying member spots it, it does last longer.

  8. Both the pictures that I tested the site with have been in the public domain for almost a year now, in posts that I had written on MyT!

    The picture that they found was part of a blog written on a Mexican website (.mx) in Spanish.

    Perhaps the search engine is North American in origin and hasn’t ‘crawled’ through pages from elsewhere in the world?

  9. Wow, Levent, this is all a bit technie for me, but it’s certainly a bit scary…
    This site is so civilised – bar the odd hissy fit – that I was thinking of replacing my silly mermaid avatar with a proper mug shot. Not any more! ; )

  10. Whoops. I meant to type 72 hours, but follow the link and it is not really so alarming: or no more alarming than the internet is already, but so is life.

  11. Hi Ara: The site is still in Beta, so they say, I could find both my own public domain pics (MyT posted) with Google. Maybe now I have uploaded I will check back later to see if the search works any better.

    Soutie: MyT pages are presumably on Onesite (OK) servers, such as they are.

  12. Hello LW: yes, if you have published a photo in the public domain, then yes, it may find it. Family shots of Aunty, uploaded from your own PC, will not work!

  13. Levent; this is not serious, though? And cyber stalking – can someone do it if you’re on Facebook? Serious delusional paranoia setting in…!

  14. Araminta, me too. Was only joking.

    Claire , Look at the bright side. You don’t need to bother to change your pic. We already know how you look like. Nahahahaha!

  15. Levent! Comment ca? You are making me seriously paranoid now! What wth this and the huge fight I’ve just started over on Mother Ship with Bubbles, I think I’m going to need a glash of vino…; )

  16. Bilby, no secrets anymore!

    Claire, “Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. ~Colin Sautar”. Make that, a bottle now!!!! Nahahahnahahah

  17. Ara; that for the Bubbles argument or the Levent one?! Right. Who knows what I really look like? I demand to know, now!

  18. I read somewhere more than 90% of women are not satisfied with the way they look.
    Now, Claire yo are supposed to ask the anticipated question:
    “Does my bum look big in this?”

  19. Well it should do, the amount of time I’ve spent sitting on it bickering with all and sundry on MyT and here today! I was gettng sick of my stupid avatar though, and wanted to change it for the real me! Now you’ve made me all scared! (sniff!)

  20. Yes, thanks for the moral support, Ara! Thought she was going to rip my pretty little head off to go with those nipples… ; )

  21. Ara: That’s actually what I like about MyT though; the arguments, the diveersidy facteerr. I was dying for a good barney ; )

  22. Oh, well Claire, it’s only cyberspace, but nipples? Hello, I think they are, well natural, and hardly offensive, 🙂 One doesn’t just abandon them willy nilly, as it were 🙂

  23. People get so, em, hung up on these rows, don’t they? Bubbles seems to get a bit upset though and then I feel like a bitch! Ah well; I ws goin to replace my silly mermaid with a real picture of me, but on second thoughts (after reading this post as well) I may just go for a giant ‘SORRY!’ ; )

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