Preaching and Patience

Patience as in wearing thin and oh, why oh why do they do it? Preaching, well isn’t it a bit of a waste of time?

We are none of us impressionable teenagers, and we have, by and large formed our views on life. Education, upbringing, life experiences and so forth, have made us what we are.  I am not suggesting we should stop learning or that our views should not change, but talking to people who do not necessarily share our own experiences should perhaps result in our understanding their viewpoint, rather than embracing it as the only  “truth”. So why the zeal to convert others? Vive la difference, and thank goodness we do not all think alike. We can’t all be right!

I have absolutely no desire to convert others to my point of view; merely to express them and perhaps occasionally to have them understood.

27 thoughts on “Preaching and Patience”

  1. Agreed, but what brought this on, I wonder? Events on the Mothership perhaps? I have not ventured there this morning, yet. Already.

    Whoops – now I’ve read the tags!

  2. Partly, Bearsy, yes. I am becoming a little bored and irritated by the constant feuds and polarisation thereon, but that is easily solved, I won’t go there!

  3. My patience came to an end this morning, Araminta. Thank goodness I’m off out shortly – or I might just be tempted to say something!

  4. It’s so tempting Boadicea, that’s the problem. I went out this afternoon thankfully and just groaned when I read some of the usual stuff on my return. Why on earth do we do it? I must desist. 🙂

  5. Minty MBE,

    There will always be aerosols, such a shame that such a high %age of them seem to infest the mothership at present.

    Count to 10 and rise above them, they have no more right to live on gods clean earth than a weasel.


  6. Oh FFS,

    Have just got back from a peek-a-boo at MyT. They have only sent Hemmitt to coventry.

    He is the only thing keeping the site alive at the minute or can’t they see it?

  7. Morning Furry: haven’t checked MyT this morning. Yes, I noticed there has been campaign to boycott Hemmett’s posts. Apart from rather dubious notion of ganging up on a fellow blogger, Mr Hemmett generates more comments than most on MyT. As I mentioned on Rosie’s post: be careful what you wish for and all that, or that is what I indicated, anyway.

    Having said that, it won’t last long, these things never do 🙂

  8. Yup Minty MBE,

    Once again you are spot on. It has failed already.

    I shall continue to follow MyT T think, but purely out of curiousity. 🙂

  9. It does have a rather morbid fascination, Furry, when it’s not downright boring, but there are so many people not bothering to blog or comment. It no longer has any sort of balance, or variety. The posts here are much more interesting.

  10. Yup its true and very sad, like you say the articles here are far more interesting.

    I see SabinaA and Marya still try to get some decent posts off the ground. I have to admire their seemingly endless paience.

  11. Quite right Ara

    I have no axe to grind with any member there or here, the constant bickering (not to mention the complete lack of moderation) no longer makes MyT a pleasant experience.

    I find myself spending more and more of my time here.

    I think what I enjoyed the most was the ‘international flavour’, posts from all corners of the world, an insight into life from places that I would probably never visit, I found it all very educational, sadly not any more 😦

  12. Thank you Soutie: speaking of axes and grinding, I see your latest foray into the darkside has just gone Whoops! All without a word from you! Although, silence is often the wisest course in such matters; the collateral damage is just not worth it. It didn’t appear to be any nearer a resolution though.

  13. Evening Ara

    I’ve just read all the comments, (I see that Jack’s post, which I didn’t read has also gone) I had no intention of getting involved, to be honest it wasn’t anybodies argument but theirs!

    I see that my copy of the relevant page is still up!

    Ferret’s comment was spot on (although he needn’t feel sorry for me) I thought that I was one of the few that could possibly help to draw a line under the matter and acted accordingly once they both agreed.

  14. I assumed as much, Soutie: you were kind enough to provide the relevant evidence and a platform. Pity it didn’t work.

  15. But I think that it did work, HMB mentioned crosspurposes. At least now there is no dispute to the content of the comment, it’s now all about interpretation, good luck to them.

    Hope you don’t mind me putting the link above, I’m sure that most read here. (please feel free to delete the link if you feel that it is out of place)

  16. No problem at all Soutie: I agree that it is all in the interpretation, but that is usually the problem, but let them sort it out; I couldn’t agree more. I have my views but I am certainly not about to join in this one.

  17. Ferret – If the Helmet really is “the only thing keeping the site alive”, an opinion with which I profoundly disagree, incidentally, then perhaps it is better that it dies.

    I’ve been out all day, but it seems that over on the Dark Side Helmet’s post was/got zapped as was that of Amicus, and this afternoon was taken up by a flame war between the latest incarnatiom of the stripey person and the Irish ego.

    Thank goodness for DNMT!


  18. Do you think they’ll decorate the site in black crap, er typo, crepe?

  19. Why is it that everything happens when I’m asleep! I couldn’t read the screen dump, Soutie!

    I think you’ve summed up my feelings pretty well, Soutie. I enjoyed the debates (even when they got a bit heated!), the international bloggers, and just simply learning about new things. But, by the time I get to read the posts, they are so moth-eaten that they’re simply not worth reading because they don’t make sense.

  20. OZ,

    All it takes is to look at Jonathan from a different angle.

    JH is a master of the wind up and always gets masses of comments on every blog he publishes. Even when, and I found this a bit playground-like the site agrees not to post anything on his blogs. Within seconds, the resolve had crumbled and many could not help themselves in their rush to call JH a blithering idiot.

    It cracks me up every time.

  21. OZ,

    Amicus removed his own post as soon as he begun to look foolish when the very people he was comending for their steadfast resolution, broke ranks and spat forth all over hemmitts anti-tory rant.

    It was absolutely piggin’ hilarious.

  22. The day did actually deteriorate Furry, but I don’t want to go there. Yes, OK , I did, but hell’s teeth, double bother and other expletives!

  23. Cheers – Soutie! I’ve all but given up there – every thread was splattered with arguments, – but good try!

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