A Blog for Janus

I saw this and thought of you. You might like to adopt it.

Author: Paul

Spiritually me. For the Glory of the Most High. Visit my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/introspectives

8 thoughts on “A Blog for Janus”

  1. Paul, how kind, very pretty. However, being a cautious kinda boar, I nee to find out what the inscriptions mean, so I’m doing a google.

    So far I can see they are Flemish/Dutch coins (geuzenpenning)……..

  2. Google?

    What superb intiative, where did they teach you that?

    I am so glad your classical education wasn’t wasted.

  3. Hi Paul

    Well, I’ve done my googling and checking and I am now satisfied that I know what they are. I wlll, of course, leave it to you to tell everybody but they really do represent a fascinating period of European and religious history which is in stark contrast to the world we live in today. I eagerly anticipate the blog that might follow hereon.

  4. Paul, you seem alittle tetchy this morning so I have replied to this offer in a separate post. 😉

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