Marmalade time of year…..

I shall post my marmalade recipe, since it’s that time of year again –

Here it is.

The Marmalade Recipe.

3lbs Seville oranges, 6 pints water, juice of 2 lemons, 6 lbs sugar.

Half the oranges and squeeze, pull out pulp and pith.

Put all this juice, pith pips and pulp into a muslin bag suspended over the pan. Juice will run out, all other bits retained by bag.

Slice skins into fine pieces and add to pan with the water.

Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 2 hours, until peel is soft.

Lift out the bag containing the pips etc. and squeeze as much as possible back into the pan. Then discard the bag contents.

Add the lemon juice, and sugar. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and then boil rapidly until setting point has been reached. (Test by putting a small amount onto a saucer and pulling a spoon through it. It should wrinkle if it has reached setting point)

Warm jars in the oven to 110c along with the jam funnel, if you have one, so all super clean!

Remove the marmalade pan from the heat and skim to get rid off any scum.

Cool for 5-8 minutes then stir to make sure peel is distributed evenly, then fill pots to top,

Seal and when cool label.

This year I added some mulling spices to the bag, but probably not enough as there are barely discernible!

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

15 thoughts on “Phew”

  1. Hello and welcome again.

    That sounds good. One of the things we really miss here is good marmalade. We scour all the shops to see who just might sell decent marmalade. I’m not sure I’ll have a go, but it sounds pretty easy for a non-cook (me!)

    I’ve never seen Seville oranges here, but the most expensive item on your list will be the sugar!

  2. Hello Pseu: Welcome, I am not a fan of marmalade, but it is good to see you here.

    Raspberry jam has always been my favorite, at one time it was not so easy to find here, I always tell people that the pips are made at a factory in Avonmouth from Lignum Vitae.

  3. Welcome Nym,

    I prefer Marmite or Peanut Butter on the toast instead of preserves. 8)

    Before you start Bearsy not that Vegemite muck. 😛

  4. Ah, sorry – yes, but only on your own blogs. Pseu can edit your and my comments on this, her blog.
    I forgot the details ‘cos I can bugger around with everyones. Naughty Bear. 👿

  5. I must say I prefer low sugar marmalade. Not diabetic but prefer the more astringent taste.

    Must try making some.

    pseu1 I might try your recipe with half or even one third the sugar.

  6. Hiya, Pseu – Welcome and glad to see you didn’t take the pith! I have orange, lemon and lime trees in the garden all laden with fruit, so will definitely give your recipe a whirl.


  7. Ferret – Am I the only one who has Marmite, Vegemite AND Bovril on the shelf as a matter of principle?

    Peanut butter is the slime of Satan enjoyed by squaddies, erks and matelots everywhere, IMHO. 🙂

    Do I need to get out more?


  8. Jazz the bitterness of Seville oranges, cooked for at least two hours before the sugar being added makes the taste quite bitter- and I understand you need the sugar to achieve the proper set. I don’t like ‘sweet’ marmalade, such as Golden Shred stufff either.

  9. OZ,

    I have Marmite and Bovril available at all times. Bovril Butties yum.

    Shame you don’t like the peanut butter chum, but on the upside that is one more jar of the nutty gold for me. 8)

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