The rain in Spain

The weather has been awful in Gibraltar for most of this past week with a very rough sea  which forced those ships anchored off-shore to move farther out. The odd thing is that there was almost no wind here, so obviously somewhere else in the Med was getting a good blow. There was also some torrential rain, which the ladies at the bus stop assured me “non es normalo”. When the sunshine returned a couple of days ago we could see that there was snow on some of the Spanish hills much closer than the Sierra Nevada.

Yesterday’s visit to Europa Point was disappointing, apart from the bus ride which gave us a look over the western edge and the harbour to Algeciras, and the view over to North Africa.

Too many tatty breezeblock buildings labelled MOD property.  No attempt to make the area attractive for tourists of whom there was a steady stream in sight-seeing minibuses.

12 thoughts on “The rain in Spain”

  1. Hello Sheona: I’ve had the same in November on the mainland, the Costa Blanca. The sea broke over the sea wall and caused chaos in the yacht marina. It was a slightly chilly day, but no wind to speak of. We assumed the same; there must have been a storm somewhere in the Med.

    How long are you staying in Gibraltar btw?

  2. When we lived on our Med island, we always remarked that January was the worst month. Spring arrived on about 15th February, closely followed by high summer. I suppose the MOD doesn’t carry much responsibility for tourist income in Gib! Who does? Any idea?

  3. Araminta, today we have blue sky, sunshine and a fairly stiff breeze, yet the sea is quite calm. Odd, isn’t it? We’ll be in Gibraltar until just before Easter.

    Bearsy, Gibraltar definitely “feels” British, though there are of course some old Spanish buildings too. One of the main gates was built by the emperor Charles V. We spent this afternoon in Spain, taking the local bus to the frontier and ambling across to La Linea. It’s quite a pleasant little town where we enjoyed some tapas. There seemed to be sales on in almost every shop, just like in England. We picked up information on buses to other places we want to visit, such as Cadiz, Jerez and Marbella. You can’t get a bus from Gibraltar to anywhere in Spain, but the bus-station in La Linea is right beside the frontier. The train journey up to Ronda is said to be spectacular too.

    vikinggood, I suppose the Gibraltar Tourist Board is responsible to the government of Gibraltar for tourist income. The MOD will be a law unto itself no doubt.

  4. IMHO Gibralter is a hole not worth visiting – a bit like Blackpool if you like, albeit with sunshine, or to put it another way it’s an operational military base open to the public, full of British matelots and their attendant camp followers.

    Having said that, the residents are incredibly loyal to The Crown and resolutely resist any attempts by HMG to cede sovereignty to Spain, so it can’t be all bad.


  5. I’ve never been to Gibraltar, It wasn’t on my list of ‘must see before I die’ places! But, I think your comments, Sheona, have put it on my list of ‘well I certainly give that a miss’ places!

  6. Well, Boadicea, if you’re in the south of Spain visiting Seville or Granada, then Gibraltar is worth at least a day trip. The Rock itself is amazing as a geological feature, to say nothing of all the historical connections.

    OZ, I haven’t seen a single sailor yet to say “Hello” to!

  7. Ah Granada. Having “done” it twice with school groups, I finally got the opportunity to visit it again two years ago without any pupils around. The Alhambra is marvellous, though I’m not sure I can forgive Charles V for that large palace he stuck down beside it. Don’t forget Seville and Cordoba while you’re there. The Mezquita is amazing.

  8. Oh Yes Sheona! Quite visiting anywhere is a totally different experience without a school party…

  9. Sheonah – A Zangada and I must have visited Gibralter when The Fleet was in town. Granada is a definite “must see”, as is Seville and Cordoba.


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