The Open coverage scores 3/10

My book jacket

It’s rubbish!

In fact my 3 out of 10 includes 2 bonus points for the wonderful commentary and anecdotes of Peter Alliss, I have a book of his on the history of The Open, that’s my book jacket on the left but more on that later.

The camerawork is poor, failing to follow balls in the air, frequently having no idea where balls have landed and by way of apology panning across the green / fairway in the hope that somebody may spot it. Well, without an outdoor size mega TV screen with hi def we the viewers have no chance!

This from yesterday’s Mail by way of example …

It’s not great for the BBC – faced with Sky and their superior golf production challenging for Open rights from 2016 – that their cameraman on the second hole missed one of the shots of the tournament as Sergio Garcia holed with his second for an eagle two.

Fifteen minutes later, BBC finally showed a replay from behind of Garcia hitting the ball, but lost sight of its progress to the pin.

The captions or the lack thereof, are rubbish! Frequently wrong, “eagle putt” it says, no it wasn’t, it was for birdie, “4th shot” it says, no it wasn’t etc. etc.

And as for that ridiculous round detail where 18 holes are simply listed left to right without spaces,  the player’s scores underneath is not only difficult to read but is shown for such a short space of time to allow any logical analysis impossible. Continue reading “The Open coverage scores 3/10”