Reading group

We have been together now for some years, my friends and I in a book group started by me when Scout (now nearly 15) was about 3. I was fed up of reading the backs of cereal packets and not much else.I invited a few friends to see if anyone else was interested. Nearly everyone I asked was!

The group list comprises about 15 people – but fewer than 6 usually attend each meeting.There are various excuses and reasons. Many of us are going through the teenage years with our children. Some have moved away, but want to remain on the invite list, coming only for 3 or 4 meetings a year. Some have very busy jobs and find it very difficult to fit in reading time.

Every now and then a new member joins. Four meetings ago one such new member joined us. She hasn’t missed a meeting and has always read the book, and is just what we need… an injection of new enthusiasm. Continue reading “Reading group”