Living in a postcard

Algoa Bay

I visited a family member yesterday, this has been the view from his lounge these last 25 years. I recall friends of his visiting and exclaiming “it’s like living in a postcard” they are quite right. While I was there yesterday, a school of dolphins meandered along the shore very close to the beach, cargo and fishing boats were slowly sailing to and fro, I could see families walking along the sands in fact never a dull moment! I thought that I’d share…

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Divers take hook out of shark’s mouth

While on a routine dive in Algoa Bay last week this happened. The injured shark appears at about 1:50, but the intro is worth the wait, it’s very pretty.


By Guy Rogers

UNUSUAL footage of an underwater shark rescue in Algoa Bay has been posted on-line.

The hero of the piece, dive-master Jacques Pitout of Pro Dive, was at the weekend out at Bellbuoy Reef, a nautical mile off Hobie Beach, with his boss Louis van Aardt, and a group of tourists. Continue reading “Divers take hook out of shark’s mouth”