Foibles of recycling

Nothing so simple as recycling, composting and the like?

Well it depends where you live. And not only which county you live in, but which part of the county you live in. For example in Oxfordshire you have a choice of the following:

  • Cherwell District Council –
  • Oxford City Council –
  • South Oxfordshire District Council –
  • Vale of White Horse District Council –
  • West Oxfordshire District Council –

and each has its own policy. Continue reading “Foibles of recycling”

Ambling armadillo


Are you a 'Sluggish snail?'


I’m told that this can be rather addictive, it took me 4 goes just to get a score (perhaps my mouse is too sensitive for the BBC 😉 )

My mate, who sent the link to me tells me that he can’t get past Bobbing bobcat, good for him!

Do we have any Rocketing rabbits here, or perhaps even a Turbo-charged cheetah!

Go on, don’t be sheepish, click one of the three links, you can even give you’re family and mates a try but be warned you might not get your mouse back!

Feel free to record your scores below, don’t be embarrassed I’ve made my score the post title.

My quickest reaction time? 0.252 sec.