Oprah for President?

It seems to be true. She’s running (or perhaps sitting) in 2020. Pause for thought. Okay. Ron did it. Don did it. She can’t be less palatable than Billary, can she? As embarrassing as Trump? Or maybe by 2020 an AI robot will be a safer choice? Hmm.

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “Oprah for President?”

  1. Unlike Obama, she’s not a parasite. After all, she came from poverty and lifted herself up against all odds. She wouldn’t be any more embarrassing than Donny Trumpelstilskin.

  2. Not sure about her, but definitely better than Shrillary. My claim to fame is that I have met her father and he seemed OK. He liked my beard and he was a barber. It was on a coach tour around Nashville and his shop was one of the stops on it

  3. Please God no!
    Far too much cult of personality here for elected office rather than people standing who might just be competent.
    Actually why don’t they just choose their leaders by a random lottery of all those eligible, couldn’t be any much worse! Think how many potholes could be mended with the money saved from election advertising.

  4. Who was it that said:- ‘ Those who wish to stand for office should under no circumstances be allowed to’ …..or something similar.

  5. About right!
    They tried to get me to stand for South Oxfordshire District Council about 35 years ago. Ran screaming!!!!
    Correction, just before I came to the USA in ’76 so, over 40 years ago.
    Doesn’t time pass?

  6. Did I black out again? I usually count myself reasonably well informed but, in this case, I find myself without any clue as to whence or why this “Oprah for President” movement originated. Cynic that I am, if left unattended I might guess that the whole thing was started by her own people.

    Jazz: I like that quotation but, unfortunately, have no idea who said it. On the flip side, it does seem that those most likely to do the job properly rarely want it. Condoleeza Rice went into hiding immediately upon leaving public office. Gen. Colin Powell proved easier to track down but, once cornered, said that he wouldn’t want to put his family through all that political nonsense. Why else would the major parties have such difficulty fielding decent candidates?

    Speaking of family, one of the USA’s celebrated “agony aunts” once received a letter from someone who said that he was interested in his family history but could not afford to commission a full-blown genealogical study and asking whether she knew of any way to obtain such background information on his family without spending money on the research. Her answer was something like: “Yes, run for public office!”

  7. “Only those who do not seek power are qualified to hold it.” – Plato

    “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job.” – Douglas Adams

    which are probably accurate quotes, however and alternatively,

    “Everything said on the Internet is true.” – Benjamin Franklin


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