Very hot under the collar

That’s me.

I’ve had it up to here with transcrap, gender assignment and neutrality, pregnant persons, lady boys and all the associated PC balderdash. Such character defects should be identified and treated, not encouraged and catered for. Boys must be boys and girls must be girls. Take your pick – it”s an easy choice, almost exclusively assisted by your body parts as observed at birth. No, you can’t change your sex, however bonkers you are and society shouldn’t let you try. And if you prefer same-sex relationships, fine. But don’t call them marriage or pretend to be competent as parents.

So there.

Author: janus

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20 thoughts on “Very hot under the collar”

  1. Don’t get me started! Once upon a longago, I was reasonably tolerant and even had some moderately close acquaintances of the limp-wristed persuasion. As long as they stuck to areas of mutual interest (e.g., club activities) and kept their preferences and activities to themselves, I was perfectly happy to let them live in peace – so long as it was well away from me. But then “they” started trying to stretch the envelope by going public in a major way, forcing the rest of us to hear about and even witness their “lifestyle” in action. I swear, if I see one more same-sex “couple” kissing on TV or in the movies, let alone any mention of same-sex “marriage,” I’ll puke. And can you imagine taking a child to see a “gay pride” parade? Nowadays, I count myself belligerently straight and, while I may at times seem a bit of (OK, a whole lot of) a pervert, I at least focus my attention exclusively on the gender opposite my own (male, the last time I checked).

  2. You may or may not be aware that at the moment Australia is having a postal vote (rather than a referendum) on whether to change the law and allow same-sex marriage. The ‘yes’ vote will win, and even if it doesn’t the next Labor Government will change the law whether the general population want it or not.

    My personal view? I have no problems with the fact that homosexuality is no longer illegal. But, I don’t want to see it in action walking down the street – but then I feel much the same way about overtly sexual heterosexual public activity as well… so at least I am consistent.

    I don’t have a problem with people who want to change their gender – but at their expense please – not mine. I am appalled that children well below the legal age of consent are allowed to make such life-changing decisions. But, my biggest objection is the demand that we all have to be ‘neutered’ to avoid causing offence to such a small minority who have CHOSEN to become a different gender. Pick a side and stick with it – we don’t all need to know all the facts… In fact, I’d rather not know – it really isn’t that important.

    Finally, I have no problems at all with same-sex couples having all the legal advantages and disadvantages of marriage – but find another word. I’m heartily sick of my language being distorted to accomodate a whole raft of different meanings.

    I think I’m pretty tolerant – but I am becoming increasingly less so. The vicious behaviour of some of the ‘yes’ campaigners under the guise of being ‘tolerant’ has annoyed a large number of people… and it’s certainly angered me.

  3. Yes, Boa, parents encouraging their children to change gender seems to me to be criminal abuse but I have never seen it cited as such. Healthy children imagine themselves as being or becoming many things as they learn and develop but none of their fantasies constitute decisions about their future lives.

  4. Janus, I am gobsmacked. I actually agree with every word you said in this post. Long may that last.

    It does seem odd, that children are legally permitted to change their sex before they can have it.

  5. Sipu – your last sentence really amused me. I hadn’t actually thought of it that way – but you are soooo right!

  6. If I may be so bold and express a slight contrary view as a young(ish) charioteer…..
    There are two different issues here (at least, three if you include marriage, four with parenting); gender and sexuality.

    They are of course linked in many ways, but are clearly separate. Those of us that have always known without thought, concern or worry what we ‘are’ are in the vast majority, but for those few who don’t in either both circumstance have a very difficult time even in this modern liberal time (in historical context of course – in 150 years we won’t be seen as such I’m sure!). Who you are attracted to physically, mentally or sexually is not really something you control or decide upon. My own younger daughter, now aged 19, is really struggling to know what societal definition she fits into. I blame her mother, of course.
    Imagine if you will the attitude to mixed race marriages until quite recently (and still in many parts of the world sadly), and how this compares to those who are of the same sex who wish to be married.

    I’d argue that if they have the same rights as Boa suggests, why have a different word for it? Please don’t come back at me mentioning the bible as I won’t be polite…….

    However, I do agree that gender issues should wait until after puberty (not that I am medically qualified to express the view, it is just a view), and that the cost should be met privately. I see this as being in the same vein as to the public paying for IVF when there are so many children needing to be adopted. Bonkers – no one has a ‘human right’ to procreate. Mother Nature decides whether your genes should be passed on, simples.

    But, being a good or competent parent is not dependent on you sexuality, gender or marriage status. Having 2.3 children, a Volvo and a Labrador isn’t necessarily a qualification guaranteeing perfect children. My parents were perfectly ‘normal’, but I’ve turned out a right mess….. not their fault though!

    Boa’s comments about the behaviour of the ‘yes’ campaigners saddens me – the Brexit/EU referendum and Catalunia vote produced similar despicable actions on both sides. The world seems to be getting feral. Perhaps free speech is over rated as it seems to encourage violence…….

  7. The availability of cosmetic surgery is also a ‘new’ factor. But changing gender is a far cry (ouch!) from getting bigger/smaller mammaries or a new nose, bum, complexion!

    AND…..there is such a thing as normality. The current fad for tinkering with nature is perverse and potentially destructive, not humane. The idiots are doing it with dogs and horses too – so nothing is sacred.

  8. Well Cuprum, as you might guess I am going to come back with why we need a new word… and I promise there will be no reference to any ‘sacred’ text whatsoever.

    I actually thought that I had made the reasons for my comment quite clear. But here goes in a bit more detail…

    The world is constantly inventing new things and new ideas… and new words are usually (for some strange reason) derived from Latin or Greek…

    Marriage has for centuries, by definition, been the union of male + female. In Western societies the equation has been 1 male + 1 female = 1 married couple.

    In other societies the numbers of males marrying the number of females has varied – but nonetheless, marriage has always been defined as an official union between the two genders. It is, in fact, one of the very rare cases where you can add two different things and come up with a total that everyone understands.

    I make no bones about it. Were I to chair a meeting – I would insist on being called “Chairwoman”. I’d love to kick the whole ‘person” nonsense into outer space. I mention this because I am heartily sick of using words that neuter people or cover up differences. What is wrong with the words like actress or poetess? I have no problems being defined as a woman, and, as far as I’m concerned, those who do need to sort out their psychological hang-ups. The whole idea of using one word to describe a variety of different things is anathema to me. We are supposed to be celebrating diversity – so why hide it in the language we use?

    English, as you are very well aware, is a beautiful language and has so many words that we can define what we want to say to a nicety. So why are we taking words that have had a specific meaning for millennia and changing that to something totally different??

    Quite clearly, to me at least, the equation:
    1 male + 1 male or 1 female + 1 female does not equal 1 male + 1 female.

    So, find another word, and stop trying to ‘be equal’, when it clearly isn’t the same. Rejoice that you have the same rights (including paying lawyers a fortune for a divorce) and be proud that your official union is different – which it is.

    P.S. Why on earth would your 19 year old daughter want to define her societal position in 2017? Clearly, Boadicea needs to ride her chariot in your vicinity pretty soon… 🙂

  9. Boa – I certainly prefer your argument to the usual ones! Fair enough. No riposte from me.

    PS Yes, I agree, poor love, but such is the pressure of the western world. At least she knows that none of her family will be shocked or upset or even surprised when she does choose/decide. All I want is for her to be happy and comfortable in her own skin. LGBT or non-binary or even as this week’s trendy word, ‘asexual’, matters not. But alas, the start of this post suggests otherwise, hence the mention.
    Those on the autistic spectrum used to be labelled as ‘stupid people or mentally deficient’ until science showed otherwise, so whether it is PC balderdash or not, when these issues affect your own, one’s views perhaps may change?

    Calling them ‘character defects’ that ‘need treating’ is rather emotive and not something I will sit around and accept without a challenge. Perhaps I was being too subtle in my first post. Either way, this is a forum that provokes debate, which is right and proper, so I’ve said my piece.

  10. Cuprum, that is precisely why I replied with the point that normality is worth defending. As long as any half-arsed deviant idea is accepetable, the world will continue to go downhill.

  11. Firstly, I have an uncontrollable urge to throw a bucket of water over, or turn the hosepipe on any man, woman or beast performing the ‘rites of spring’ in public whether in consort with a willing man, woman or beast (and you can perm any combination thereof), or, particularly, alone. Horizontal jogging in whatever form and however pleasurable it may be to the participants is not the most dignified of activities and best done behind closed doors.

    Secondly on the language question, we are all aware that Latin, Greek, German and probably many more have a neuter form such as ‘hic, haec, hoc‘ or ‘der, die, das‘, etc. and neutral nouns and adjectives which could be applied to the transgender community. Others do not. In Portuguese a young person is either ‘um jovem’ or ‘uma jovem to avoid any shadow of doubt, so what are the ‘Don’t Knows’ to do?

    Thirdly, at school I never saw nor heard of any fellow pupil suffering from asthma, anxiety or gender issues. Not one, ever. The only concessions were that Jewish kids were excused daily Chapel and those rare few who managed to avoid the compulsory Combined Cadet Force were sent straight to the compulsory voluntary service section, aka Skivers’ Option. One lad in the Lower VI was killed as a pillion passenger on a motor bike and his friends were allowed time off to attend the funeral. Afterwards we were harshly (at least by modern ‘standards’) sent straight back to lessons without any group counselling sessions or grief therapy afterwards: no flowers and teddy bears were tied to the tree he, erm, encountered and we had all ‘come to terms’ with the event by last bell without the slightest ‘struggling to cope’. In fact, one colleague even received detention for being late returning to school – he had called at the chip shop on his way back, such was his shock and sense of loss.

    Sipu – Love your comment, which I shall unashamedly repeat. The child, in my humble wassername, cannot be blamed (for once) and the finger has to be pointed at the parents, counsellors and similarly confused progressive who encourage such nonsense.


  12. OZ, I can echo your comment on school practice – to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of tragedy. I suppose it was established by our forebears for whom premature deaths were relatively commonplace and had to be endured.

    Ref Sipu’s corker: how on earth did children acquire the right to choose their gender? And when? Madness.

  13. Society’s natural order is being redefined by leftist idiots. You can be sure that Mother Nature will eventually bite them (and us) in the arse hard.

  14. Look on the bright side: the more same-sex couples, gender-changers et al there are (none of whom would be fertile), the more likely it is that the population will, if not decline, at least stop increasing so rapidly.

  15. I work with all sorts of people — including transpeople. I don’t mind most so much. They’re usually perfectly nice and generally harmless. The number of true transpeople, however, is exceedingly small — a mere fraction of a percent and all this preening and bloviating is well out of proportion to the issue at hand. Most who claim to be trans aren’t actually trans, but suffer from a disorder. In more sensible, but less progressive, times a series of thorough evaluations were conducted by medical professionals to ensure that the proper curative was introduced. That is, most were provided with counselling and only the relevant sliver who were actually trans were allowed to proceed. It’s certainly not a minor procedure and they will be required to be on medication for the rest of their lives. The risk of a surgery going wrong is also extremely high.

  16. But luckily we have the national church in Sweden to give us a clue to the eternal truth. Godliness is allegedly a matter of sexual neutrality. Why? Because the Deity is not male or female but transcends such human banalities. It is just the language of old ideas that perpetuates the inaccuracies. So forget He and Lord, stick to God and all will be well. I would mention in passing however that the Trinity now looks a little imprecise – Parent, Offspring and HolyMoly!

  17. I saw that Janus.

    The following is entitled “Thoughts on the attempts of Religious Groups to Accommodate 21st Thinking”

    Once upon a time I was sure that God was female…

    … until I thought about the reproductive process. No woman would ever have have thought up such a messy procedure, as well as being so disadvantageous to her own gender.

    Any female deity worth bothering about would have solved the problem of reproduction in a nice, neat, tidy and well organised process – and if any group had to be disadvantaged would have ensured that it was the male of the species that suffered.

    A non-gender-specific Deity would have ensured that the process was, at least, equally disadvantageous and uncomfortable to both male and female.

    Therefore, it is with much regret that I have to inform the National Church of Sweden, that it is quite mistaken. It’s God is male – untidy, disorganised and perfectly happy to pass the hard work onto the other lot- namely we women.

    However, another thought just occurred to me. Some species, extremely few and far between it’s true, do actually pass the burden of child rearing onto the male.

    Could it just be possible that the whole idea of One God is actually wrong.. and that there was a predominately male Group of Celestial Beings who had charge of various beasties?

    If so, they have clearly given up on their / his or her job – and left the world in a mess where no one really knows who’s who or who’s what.

    I can’t really blame them, we humans are a pretty disgruntled lot always wanting something other than what we’ve got…

    Let’s hope that the Celestial Mob looking after non-humans haven’t given up or we will find whales and dolphins demanding gender-altering surgery and king penguins refusing to incubate their young…


  18. Today the meeja report that a transgender man has given birth and Peruvian women are marrying…..trees. I can see the advantages of the latter but the former? Naeh.

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