I’m midway through my clan visits in the Green and Pleasant; now moved oop narth from Mid Sussex to West Essex (I can’t have you imagining me in Sarfend, can I?). So I’m very aware of the airlines struggle to squeeze maximum cash out of their no-doubt-tight-fisted passengers.

The pressure on cabin shelf space is inadequate for all the ‘free’ hand bags – the airlines admit it – but despite that, some charge significant sums to stow bags in the hold. On my trip here last week the passengers were invited to volunteer to have their hand luggage stowed below – free, of course. When insufficient numbers cooperated, a number of bags were seized whether their owners approved or not! Of course this treatment is meted out on those who decline to pay for ‘priority’ status only.

The latest nonsense is that Ryanair have now ordered new aircraft for 2019 with 8 or 9 more seats but only room for 2 or 3 more bags.

The race for low fares has ended in tears for both the carriers and the carried, it seems – with no hope of the worst culprits getting together to find better ways to price their services. Ho hum.



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8 thoughts on “Baggage”

  1. I’ve long held that it’s better to spend £40-£50 more per flight for a civilised experience than endure the likes of Lyin’ Air.

    On a lark I decided to pronounce Danish with my best Essex chav. Apparently that was the closest I’ve ever come to speaking Danish intelligibly.

  2. I think Ryanair is brilliant but I hate them also.
    People can travel nowadays, that could not in the past as it was cost prohibitive. Ryanair also fly to small airports. I live 15 minutes from Reus airport.
    On saying that, I prefer not to fly with them. Their are often rowdy passengers and if you slip up with luggage weight, size or boarding card, they charge extortionate sums.
    The best option is if you don’t like them, don’t fly with them and pay more to fly with someone else.
    Using their ultra cheap option and then complaining about it is silly.

  3. Earlier this year we were twice invited to put our cabin baggage into the hold with our hold baggage at no charge. This was an easyJet offer at Nice airport which we gratefully accepted. After all if you have to wait at the luggage carousel for one case, you might as well wait for three. Unfortunately the third time was not lucky. There was a new scheme whereby all your luggage, for a whole family, could be put into the hold – at an extra charge. Obviously easyJet was trying to clear some more space in the overhead lockers. What the airlines need to do is check the cabin baggage more strictly. I have seen some items that looked vastly over size being stuffed into overhead lockers.

  4. I have absolutely no intention of dragging round pantechnicon size cases anywhere. As such I have never and would never fly on cheapo airlines.

    The last few years I have used BA and Air Canada. Nowadays even they expect you to use stupid machines at the check in and heave your baggage round yourself. Not on your life!!!!

    I always dress rather well to fly, I find it a great help and stand there and loudly address the multitudes that-
    ” I am a tottering old fart and I came to a full service airline because I was willing to pay for the service, Was I mistaken?” Followed by-
    “Take me to a human!”
    Works every time.

    They always rush me to a human desk before the insurrection is catching!

    My only hand luggage is the teensy weensiest roll on which is far too valuable, holding medicines and jewellery, plus knitting for stabbing mad bomber jehadists on planes. (Which they allow to old farts) No-one gets that from me, ever. Never have put anything valuable in hold luggage since I had an evening dress and fur coat stolen at Heathrow 40 years ago.

    I agree with sheona, they will allow on pieces of luggage that obviously are far too big to fit in the overhead racks, bloody dangerous if you hit turbulence! The airlines really do need to get their bloody act together.

  5. CO: SAS are starting to crack down at Copenhagen. Emirates are rather cunning. They nominally give a “generous” baggage allowance, but if your baggage — either hand or hold — is just slightly over, watch out! Most are more permissive simply because they don’t want to risk riots and unpleasant scenes. I’ve seen some right special scenes on flights to Asia! Indians look as if they’re packing for the whole bloody Subcontinent! I try to be sensible, but earlier this year I had little choice but to get “creative” with my hand luggage. Some rudding wog from the Subcontinent singled me out for special treatment and threatened me with arrest if I didn’t kiss his arse. (Just another example of why I’m so fond of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Urrah! MURCA) That he waved through 20 people with even more was entirely irrelevant. I’m utterly terrified of what awaits me when I transport my gold and silver to the United Kingdom.

  6. CO, I’m surprised that knitting needles pass muster! It must be your natural allure!

    As for cheap air travel, I can’t see the sense in paying a couple of hundred quid for a 90 minute flight when there’s a seat at fifty or less. I can easily live out of a cabin-bag-sized wheelie – plenty of doting daughters to do a wash while I’m here.

  7. I always make sure I take a wooden pair with plenty of knitting on them and sit and knit in waiting areas. What they don’t realise is that wooden knitting needles are far sharper than the alloy ones and could do a damned sight more damage if necessary!

    I never fly locally, only transatlantic, otherwise I prefer to go by car at my own pace and see natural sights. Takes us 10 days to get to Dallas! Sitting in a claustrophobic cigar tube with a bunch of fat dirty drunks is not an option when one can stand in the ‘painted desert’ with your dogs!

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