11 thoughts on “Bye bye, Nicola”

  1. Following comments in the UK papers, I am amazed at how many Scots want to see the back of this woman and her noxious party. But where can they put their votes? From what I can see too many Sots are so anti-Tory that they will not be able to vote Conservative, the Lib Dems have proved themselves to be undemocratic, and Labour is a dead Party walking – so just who can the Scots vote for? To abstain would just let the SNP back in.

  2. The rot set in for Sturgeon when she lost her overall majority in the Scottish parliament and I think this rot will spread. Perhaps we should open a book on the number of SNP MPs who will not reappear at Westminster after 8th June. I hope that silly wee girl Mhairi Black who recently said she would not stand again since she didn’t like being at Westminster – how’s that for insulting your constituents? – will disappear.

  3. Sheona: I’ve read that Angus Robertson is one of the SNP’s more vulnerable MPs. Oh, how amusing his loss would be.

    Boadicea: If people who voted for the SNP last night sit out, but energised Unionists vote Tory in large numbers the SNP will lose a number of seats. Their 30pc swing at the last election is hardly sustainable and was driven by anti-incumbent sentiment.

  4. They always did!
    Couldn’t get out of Aberdeen fast enough after two years there.

  5. Morgen, Janus. Mirroring Christopher’s sentiments, I would sit up all night on 8-9 June just to witness Angus Robertson’s Portillo/Cable moment, at which point I would down an extremely generous glass of Malt and jump naked into the pool. If Farron were to get the heave-ho in Westmorland as well I would probably be extremely drunk (albeit very chilly) by dawn.


  6. We can but hope that the Wee Krankie has an aviation related accident involving her broomstick!!

  7. I see that there is a short list of six locations competing for a £10 million pound grant to develop the UK’s first space port. Four are in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland and one in Cornwall. Guess which four will be first to lose out if there is even the the remotest chance of another independence vote taking place?

  8. And now our fave, Alex, is contradicting Wee Crankie – the general election WILL be about independence for North Britain. Fancy that! 🙂

  9. …and today the Tories have marked her card with strong local council results. Even the Fat Controller can see it.

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