6 thoughts on “But, but……., Ms Fishface”

  1. The design is a bit better than the last lot! I don’t think Mrs Fishface is going anywhere soon.

    I understand there will be a problem with Tesco trolleys. Odd that because in the Hove Tesco I’ve never had to use a coin to get a trolley. One simply cannot take any trolley out of the car-park – there’s this big red line in the ground and the trolleys just grind to a halt. Fiendishly clever!

  2. Maybe our resident techies could tell us how that works?

    Over here the supermarket chains give away tokens for trollies. The idea works – trollies never get knicked or abandoned away from the stores – even though losing a token costs nowt.

    Btw, the gubmint is clearly confident that the thistle is here to stay.

  3. One would have thought there would have sufficient lead in time to get all coin operated gismos converted to the new currency. Sounds like someone has made a bloody hash of the timing of it all.
    What’s new in the UK?
    I hate those plastic notes, Canada has them, stick together like glue!

  4. Janus: One or two trolley wheels are equipped with an electric strip. The lines — red or yellow — have a wire running underneath that acts as an antenna sending out signals that will make the electric strips lock the wheels, thus making it difficult — if not impossible — to use that trolley.

    CO: Easier said than done. The problem is pulling that many coins out of circulation and replacing them with the new issues. Phase-out times are often challenging as a result. Sweden had the same issue. The Riksbank chose to change all Swedish coins save the 10 SEK at once. At least when I was there last, in January, vending machines continued to use the old coins even though the new coins had been issued 3 months prior. In the Eurozone the release of the new 50-euro-note was delayed because of the nightmarish roll-out of the new 20-euro-note. Inadequate lead time was given to prepare all cash, vending and ticketing machines resulting in confusion and annoyance. Australia and NZ have done well with their polymer notes — it just takes time to get used to them.

  5. YES, some people never get used to new currencies!! Cherished colleagues and decimal pounds, British folk and euros …life goes on.

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