Bye bye, Nicola!

SNP Party annual conference 2014The esteemed Supreme Court has spoken, understandably pointing out that its decisions are about the law, not politics. And as the gubmint expected, it will have to ask both houses to approve its implementation of Brexit. Fine.

But much cooler (I’m so modern, huh?) is its short sharp rebuke to the fringes of British Isles. Butt out! Brexit is a UK decision.  So will the Scotch PM finally leave the stage? I hope so.

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11 thoughts on “Bye bye, Nicola!”

  1. The n***** in the woodpile is the HoL who might vote down an article 50 bill. As has been said they will probably be signing their own death warrant butit would throw a spanner in the works.
    Can you believe it ? An unelected assembly voting down the elected chamber. I don’t think it would have been an issue with the hereditary peers.
    The curse of Blair just keeps on giving !

  2. I only read the result and saw the smug face of Gina whatsername before turning here. As I guessed Janus was on the ball!

    How can the Supreme Court decide on a point of law on an unwritten Constitution which has been in constant change since Day 1, 1258? Especially when it was quite clear that the power to decide in /out was given to the people of Britain in a referendum to make that decision and that Parliament would abide by that decision and that’s all that Parliament had to do? What’s to discuss?

    Will the Scottish fish be silenced? I doubt it. But one can live in hope!

    As you say Jazz, the problem now is the HoL, although I see that Labour is planning to add amendments which will allow them to vote on any future terms of leaving the EU.

    I was always in support of the HoL as it was… but the present mob? Scrap the lot of them – and try to find a way of having a totally independent House of Review. But as the HoL is now they can delay the proceedings and that is not acceptable.

  3. Oh Janus! Do you have to keep posting pictures of the people who really, really annoy me? 🙂

  4. Janus I hope you’re right and the HoL don’t try to sabotage Brexit.

    Brexiters have been very restrained in the aftermath of the Referendum and subsequent events. This should not as a sign of weakness. Brexiters generally have a higher standard of behaviour and don’t go off like a bunch of gibbering apes when things don’t quite go their way.

  5. Boa, the way I see it, it’s too easy to post touchy-feely snaps of the world’s beauty. So I try to redress the balance. 🤓

  6. I believe the HoL can delay the Commons’ decisions and/or refer its concerns back for consideration. The turkeys will not vote for Xmas!

  7. If you haven’t already seen it, this article from the DT earlier this afternoon LINKEY is guaranteed to boil the blood of anyone who is sick to death of the very sight of La Jockanesa.

    She reminds me of a shouty little Scottish terrier on a leash up on its hind legs and barking aggressively at a nearby bigger dog, but which would run a mile if let off said leash. Personally, I think the rest of the UK should call her bluff and unilaterally cut the whole bunch of ingrates loose leaving them jog on alone. We live in interesting if uncertain times where the established global order is under scrutiny as never before, so there is no better opportunity to spike the guns of the SNP once and for all.

    Oh, and I’d give Gina Miller a shiny new Scottish passport on the eve of independence to replace her UK one.


  8. The real irony being that a wog could start this whole thing off! People like Gina Miller are one of the prime reasons people voted for Brexit in the first place.

  9. Sorry, Janus, but I don’t see Sturgeon leaving the stage voluntarily. She’s only in it for self-glorification. A bit like Sarkozy who wanted to prance round Europe playing the big man and neglecting his own country, which is why France doesn’t want him back. She’ll have to be chased out – exit Sturgeon pursued by a bear!

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