7 thoughts on “Pays de Galles”

  1. Janus, mate, I was planning on writing a blog about this later today. Harrumph.

    Fillon is a different kettle of fish. He isn’t a Euro-federalist and he is a reformer. He’s a generally reliable and sensible figure, unlike Sarkozy. He also has his finger on the pulse of French public opinion — unlike yesterday’s wash-out, Alain Juppé. If he follows through with his plans Europe could well take a different course than it has. Merkel is a much-weakened figure and German politics are more volatile than at any other time in the Federal Republic’s post-war history. Fillon is generally pro-British and will likely be far more sympathetic to Britain’s arguments. The lovely Penelope might help, but Fillon could be more helpful than any non-Nordic leader.

  2. Janus: He’s not as wedded to the EU as Hollande and Juppé are. With your permission, and with Backside’s, I’d like to write a blog about France’s potential future path.

  3. Go for it, C! Backside is busy wondering what Airmiles Andy is cooking up with BoJo. As nth in line to the throne, is he allowed to do it? Sorry, I digress…… 🤓

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