If you’re sick of my stuff…..

Write some yourself! summer-flat-cap-grey-prince-of-wales-pop-up-jpg

But it has to be said, there’s so much postable news these days, innit?

With the virtual certainty that our next PM will be a Tory lady, second only to our beloved Maggie, we can look forward to pragmatic gubmint, a phenomenon sadly lacking for many years. (Boris hums, ‘Can’t buy me Gove, yeah; everybody tells me so…’)

Meanwhile the Bremainers are still sulking, talking about second votes, about chaos, about Scotland, Ireland and Gibraltar. (Boris did say, ‘What part of Bleave don’t they understand?.)

But the ever-present Welsh are celebrating with a symbolic win over Brussels Belgium, adding fuel to the flames of the English team’s funeral pyre. Their victory only goes to show: England have sweet FA.

And while I’m here, I should mention that Andy’s best chance this year is if his arch opponent loses the third set today to a Yank. Come on, the special relationship.

Nothing else in today’s news, sorry. Oh yes, it’s a peaky blinder. Stylish, huh?

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

15 thoughts on “If you’re sick of my stuff…..”

  1. Be careful what you wish for, Janus! I might be provoked into writing another rant about Spain — one that will make my Chinese posts look like pure happiness and sunlight.

  2. I don’t care much what happens to Andy but I’d like to see the Welsh do well, they’ve got a great spirit, unlike the overpaid English team.

  3. Well I decided to write my post – before I read this… 🙂 Now I’m back to the TV to see which team has won here – not that there’s much dount.

  4. Look you Janus, boyo.

    That’s why I love the good old UK of GB & NI. It’s what happens when four nations come together to share their destiny (and intermarry) as one country for centuries of triumph and/or adversity.

    All three of the Welsh scorers were born in England but qualified to play by virtue of just one grandparent from the Principality. One of them did not even know that he had the blood of the men of Harlech flowing in his veins until the Welsh FA did their research and told him.

    No problem with that. We do the same in Jockland and Ulster. England, of course, just hoover up anybody they can on the grounds of residence, wherever and whenever possible, particularly cricket and rugby-wise. Them’s the rules!

    The point is that every member of the Welsh team is fully committed to the cause and that they play for each other as a team. I thought that they were magnificent last night and I hope they can go all the way.

    Cymru am byth.

  5. I’m here.
    Just lately there have been rather a lot of blogs about music and sport. Both subjects bore the bejesus out of me! I have nothing to contribute on either subjects.
    Now cropping time has arrived in the garden. In the last 12 days or so I have made multiple batches of strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry and red currant preserves, plus frozen down quantities of veg, fruit pie fillings and other goodies, such as home made ice cream.
    We are harvesting tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes, spinach, peas, carrots, turnips, beets and basil. all has to be used, processed, stored and traded! Interestingly we have no fruit here in this new garden except a strawberry bed I put in yet I have bought no fruit, it appears in large quantities as if by magic, I send back half generally as jam! (As long as they provide the sugar!) Wonderful free trading and free living! All far more interesting to me than some bloody fool wanker twanging a guitar or kicking a pigs bladder!
    Welsh trading principles work wonders in WA I’m glad to report. Highly profitable but time consuming.
    Got to go, found some cauliflower starts gifted to me in my veg patch at the community garden, (in exchange for some melon plants!) must set them out.
    One of the things I like about this community is that most people make things here. Useful things, men do wood work and wrought iron etc, women sew, embroider, knit, cook, All sorts of things can be had hand made at good prices or traded. Nearly everyone gardens to one degree or another. Needless to say we do not have gangs of disaffected youth and nutters roaming the streets here, they get given a job, PDQ. thank god for rural societies. that still retain their sanity. I read the London papers in utter disbelief these days..

  6. J-Man, I thought you were the poet Laureate in these parts. The master of scan and rhyme.

    Can’t buy me Gove!!!! Doesn’t Gove rhyme with Karl Rove or am I missing something?

  7. But all is not gloom and doom sport-wise today:

    Andy won’t have Djok to deal with at Wimbers.
    Cavendish took the yellow jersey in the first stage of Le Tour.
    Lewis is on pole for the Austrian Grand prix, pushing the fabled envelope.
    Rory is in with a shout at the French Open.
    England stuffed Sri Lanka again in the latest ODI.

    And Iceland face Les Bleues at footie later today. Come on, you Vikings!

  8. I enjoy what you write, Janus, and at the moment there are just too many things happening for me to compose a worthwhile contribution. As well as Wimbledon and the Tour de France and today’s Austrian Grand Prix and next week’s race at Silverstone and keeping fingers crossed for Wales, there are all the usual local summer activities to attend. Admittedly the national press missed the Summer Showcase of granddaughter’s gymnastics group, but that was mainly for parents and grandparents, though there were quite a few youngsters who seemed very talented. Then there are all the summer fayres (spelling obligatory) of local villages and parishes, which to my mind are an integral part of an English summer, with plant and flower stalls and Pimms and tea and cakes in the marquee with the rain drumming on the canvas. So apologies for leaving all the work to you, but rest assured it is appreciated.

  9. Janus, I was at a Jamaican cafe on Friday evening watching the Wales Belgium game on the wall TV. I was knocking back a few shots of Wray and Nephew white rum with a fruit punch whilst all around me Jamaican guys were playing dominoes, or playing Ludo (where the dice is flung out of the hand onto the board to rebound from the one-inch-high high perimeter amid all manner of spirited chants and yelps to ‘magic’ the dice to the requisite number combination). And I was told off by the Manager to keep my voice down whilst shouting for the Welsh. Admittedly I was giving it some! Perhaps I was banging the table as well!
    I would love to see the French fire-branded tonight. What odds a Wales Iceland final?

  10. Sheona, thank you.

    PG, my belief in fairies does not extend to Germany losing, unfortunately. France might though.

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