Kiwis show the way

nz flags.pngThe anti-colonial era is over! There is a new pride in belonging to the British worldwide club – which rejects the demands of envious foreign cultures.

NZ has voted to retain its union-jacked flag!

Look on, you outmoded defectors – and weep.

Author: janus

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12 thoughts on “Kiwis show the way”

  1. Interesting. To me it’s more a feeling of retaining a known and respected symbol than ‘pride in belonging to the British worldwide club ‘ that produced this result – but I could, of course, be wrong!

  2. John Key is a prominent New Zealand monarchist and generally strongly pro-Commonwealth. He has been the main national leader supporting freedom of movement between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. No one really asked for this change. It was, somewhat like Freundal Stuart’s failing republican drive in Barbados, a failed vanity project to make a name for himself.

    That said… There is a collective affinity among many Commonwealth Realms for each other — a sense of belonging to a family of nations. Not everyone shares this view, of course, but it is prevalent. This does not quite equal belonging to a “British world-wide club”, however. The lying bastard Heath, may he rot in the bowls of hell for all eternity, killed that.

  3. This is good news but do not forget that the Kiwis are far less ethnically diverse than the Aussies. Also, note that the Hawaiian flag also has a Union Jack in its top left corner. Not even (supposed) Hawaiian Barry Obama has tried to change that State flag.

  4. FEEG: ethnic diversity in itself doesn’t have that much to do with it. For example, the Chinese are some of the biggest opponents of republicanism in Australia. The system Australia has works perfectly well save for the politicians and the Chinese have learnt the hard way that changing things for the sake of changing them is asinine. No, the main problem in Australia is that many of Irish stock consider having a chip on each shoulder a sign of being balanced. The Hawai’ian flag, by the way, pre-dates the American invasion and occupation of that kingdom. It is a sign of the friendship and affection felt by the Hawai’ians for the British Empire which did much to defend its independence prior to the Americans helping themselves to a refuelling station in the mid-Pacific.

    Janus: the UK must take a more active role, that is true, but it isn’t only the British these days. They’re all well-established, successful countries in their own right. Should the gods favour Britain’s deliverance from the evils and tyranny of the EU, Britain will likely be able to quickly sign favourable trade deals with many Commonwealth countries and will find that they’ve done very well for themselves. The former cosy relationship cannot be entirely re-established, but natural allies are natural allies and there is overwhelming support for close ties in all of them.

  5. Chris: I know what you are saying, but a larger proportion of New Zealanders are of British ancestry. That is what I was trying to say. I know the history of Hawaii as my son’ s mother in law is Hawaiian and he and his wife got married there (A lovely wedding) 😉

  6. I rather like the alternative flag – there were some shockers in the original competition – but am reassured that the Kiwis chose to maintain tradition. Well done NZ and I hope the sentiment will be recognised and responded to by those in the UK who advocate ever closer union with ‘little Europe’ instead of adopting a more mature, global perspective.


  7. OZ: I am deeply disappointed that Laser Kiwi was not the choice for alternative flag. I check on occasion if it is possible to buy an actual Laser Kiwi, 3×5! The Independent recently interviewed Cameron. It was refreshing to hear him admit that Brexit is a very real possibility! If Little Dave admits it, there is hope.

  8. Christopher, no, the UK should not take a more active role in the ‘club’. That’s the reason the EU club is a failure – the europrats’ attempt to steer andu control its members.

  9. Janus: by “active role” I mean actually showing interest in rebuilding relations and engaging in Commonwealth matters with a keener interest than it has shown. There is no way that Australia and Canada can be bossed around, there is really no desire in the UK to do it, either.

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