The Chariot for Dummies

A short crib sheet for students who have only recently joined, or who haven’t been paying attention.

Authors can create posts.   All material in a post they have created can be edited (or deleted) by them – and by no other author or commentator.

If you want to change a comment that you have made on a post, ask the author to change it for you by adding another comment.   The author will usually make the change for you and then delete your request for change.

Editors can edit all posts and comments.

There is only one editor – Soutie, who has currently vanished, unfortunately.

Administrators can do more.

There are two administrators – Boadicea and Prasutagus.   Bearsy is an author, not an administrator.   Bearsy expresses opinions but has no technical control, whereas Prasutagus does the techie jobs but has no opinions.   Don’t worry about it.

WordPress blog sites can be hosted and administered in two very different ways – by the owner or by WordPress.   The Chariot is hosted by WordPress, so plug-ins or add-ons cannot be incorporated.

Administrators can edit .css files, but have no access to code or scripts.   Read the WordPress documentation if you want to understand more fully.

Although much historical information and discussion is no longer available, it’s always worth glancing at the items on the menu bar (where the home button is).


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

18 thoughts on “The Chariot for Dummies”

  1. Because, as far as I am aware, you do not have a blog site of your own that can be linked from that list. Or if you do, you’ve not declared it to the Chariot. If you have one and tick the appropriate box in your personal details it will appear in The Chariot’s lists and I will add it to the Bogroll. 🙂

  2. Gazoopi – you have declared one of your sites, but it contains virtually nothing. By reading it I have found your other – “superior” – one, and I’ll go list it in a moment. It would be preferable if you declared that site in your personal details, rather than the other one. 🙂

  3. Mon Dieu and little fishes !!!

    There you are Gaz, you’re on the list – to the correct site rather than the one contained in your accessible details.

    Of course you’re not, Tina. And quite right too. 🙂

  4. Prasutagus: Thank you for being so patient with me. I guess your role as king of the Iceni was nothing in comparison to looking after us lot 🙂

  5. PS, to whom it may be of concern, Old Twoface has to Bogroll entries. Won’t bore you with the reasons, just say one is Backside’s.

  6. I never quite understood why people had private web sites. Open invitation to all sorts of invasion of privacy by all and sundry. As for twatter and splatter etc.
    Quite beyond if you have an IQ above that of FROZEN PEA!

  7. Hello All: A personal website is useful if like me, you publish a lot of pictures. The allowed space on each website is not large (3GB I think) so multiple users uploading many pictures to The Chariot will consume this space quickly. Currently more than 50% of the available space is occupied ( I think the management do some delicate culling to try to keep space available for our use). Out of consideration to these space constraints one can upload pictures to ones personal website and “call” the picture to a post here via its URL. The picture then takes up no space on The Chariot and is permanently available on your own site I find it is also easier to edit a big or complicated post on my own site and then transfer it here but that is a personal preference. I don’t get two visitors a month to my personal site and that is fine with me, it is there for my own convenience, just like my cell phone.

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