Sporting pleasure

Back in the woods I’m quietly enjoying the weekend’s events. The Blacks bossed the Walabies, The Special One lost again and blamed everyone except himself and England took five early wickets.

The Janus clan graced the cinema on Thursday to catch up with Bond and throroughly enjoyed it. The mums drooled over James and Backside got hot under the collar about his latest squeeze. The film ticked all the boxes to qualify as a worthy 007 event – a kind of sport in its own right.

So let’s sit back and see if Pakistan will collapse, Lewis will win and Sunderland can get a point. Enjoy.


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10 thoughts on “Sporting pleasure”

  1. I went to the flicks last week too. Saw ‘the Martian’. I was surprised that it was quite as intelligent as it was. Frankly without a reasonable degree of info on engineering subjects it would be rather hard to find it that interesting, but it seemed to get close attention from the audience.
    Bond films never were my kind of movie, same plots, same gormless clothes horses and daft chases etc etc. I’ve only seen two or three and them under sufferance. Tend to prefer art house movies but they don’t seem to make them any more as they did in the sixties. I remember one very peculiar film, God knows what it was called,
    John the Baptist sitting on a pillar 30 foot up in a desert. This went on for 45 minutes pretty well in silence, nobody in the cinema appeared to think this unreasonable! Presumably he was wrestling with his conscience? Strange thing is I have often thought about it over the years. If anyone can identify this movie I would be glad to know its title. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again just to see if it as peculiar as I remember it!
    I regret that most of the movies made these days are too moronic to bother with, anyone over IQ of 90 is going to be bored to death. And the stench of that disgusting popcorn is enough to have one puking in the aisles!
    My absolute pet hate is computer generated monsters in phalanx attacking 10 ‘plucky’ humans on some remote planet, aka the Atacama desert. Fatwas have been declared on the genre except for three am viewing in this house! I was rather expecting them to turn up in the Martian but to my delight they didn’t!
    (Probably to most peoples disappointment!) I expect that will cost at the box office.

  2. We also saw ‘The Marian’ last week Christina. ‘Everest’ a couple of weeks before. For both films I had been expecting a conglomeration of blockbuster and special effects overkill, as has been the form over the last few years. I was pleasantly surprised in both cases. Although tackling very different topics I though both films were intelligent and thoughfully made. ‘The Martian ‘ had some good humerous quips.
    Like you (sorry Janus) Bond films leave me a bit cold these days. I was ten years old when Man From UNCLE and the bond movies began. I had a long fascination with speaking pen communicators and flying cars. These days it has worn thin.
    A couple of weeks ago we saw ‘Irrational Man’ , a Woody Allen film. Normally I am no fan of Woody films but this one I found hilarious. It sums up much that I believe about philosophy.
    We go to the cinema most Tuesdays when the VOSE are showing. It is not that I can’t understand enough Spanish, I just can’t stand to hear people like Harrison Ford, Matt Damon or Morgan Freeman etc. rattling out a stupid spanish voice.

  3. Perhaps we’re just getting old gaz?! I’m glad I;m not the only one who finds most of the current crop of movies utterly moronic!
    But then I think most people are moronic these days. Brains rotted by those bloody telephones which appear to have the British far more addicted than here I might add. They seem incapable of putting them down in the UK.
    What is VOSE? obviously foreign language but what does it stand for?
    Thank you for the recommendation of the Woody Allan, can;t stand him myself but spousal unit is an addict.

  4. Can’t watch creepy Woody Allen. Never watch science fiction. This was my first visit to a public cinema for about 35 years, egged on by the kids, and it was excellent, maybe because most of the audience were families and pensioners. No chavs, gangs or drunks! 😳

  5. Geriatrics get in for under a fiver here in Bellingham so we go quite often. There is a good sushi bar next door which may have some degree of influence! They seem to go together quite well.

  6. Meanwhile back on the fields of play, England are just beginning their on collapse as usual, Sunderland scored twice but let in SIX – and Mourinho is running out of excuses and victims.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing Maggie Smith in Alan Bennet’s “Lady in the Van” out this month. There does seem to have been a dearth of decent films recently.

  8. Not to mention the Kiwis being stuffed by England at RL. Mr Lancaster et at, please note, but the very bestest thing about the All Blacks victory is that the 2015 RWC is over and I never again have to listen to Paloma Faith.


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