Court banquet

Y’see, Christina will be back soon, perhaps while I’m still conducting my family census in the home counties, dontchya know?

Now before she left for Cymru she let on that she’d be (and I quote) having a lawyer for lunch. From anyone else that would be a chance remark but from CO, our maitraisse d’hotel, it certainly heralded some serious cuisine.

Musing on’t, I reckon she’ll get him in a stew. Perhaps a glass of (old) Baileys as aperitif; traditional porridge to start with, served in chambers – rounded off with lashings of cream.

Any ideas for more courses?

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

11 thoughts on “Court banquet”

  1. If I may add a word or two! Perhaps it is a moot point, but judging by the (old) bill o’ fare, she will be courting trouble unless there is a brief respite between sessions. I wonder if I could solicit a place at her table, on the bench perhaps. I would be careful not to leave any articles lying around. Of course I take it that the aperitif will be consumed at the bar? As for her other guests….

    I am sorry, that sentence was suspended.

  2. OK, I’ll take the (white)bait.

    The apertif should obviously be your granny’s favourite tipple back in the ’70s, QC sherry.

    Appetiser – Prawn and advogado salad (a tenuous Portuguese reference)

    Soup – Zuppa di Flagioli (Italian bean soup, nearly)

    Fish – Sole Bonne Femme in honour of our delicate, blushing Charioteer (You’re on your own, Janus)

    Main – Roast breast of Bail with cauliflower ears (his will be)

    Dessert – An English trifle (her guest)

    Hat, coat and taxi for Mr Zangado!


  3. Not that I’m sitting in judgement but it is hard to defend this kind of post, I’m pleading that it will soon be over.

    Barristers? Don’t they make the coffee at Starbucks?

  4. You are all very naughty.
    Akshully had him for lunch twice!!
    God, finally surfaced from manic running hither and thither and off on Tuesday back to WA, not before time!
    I need some gardening time to get over all the fascist nonsense that seems to happen here nowadays.
    Plus I am tired of freezing to death. Does no son of a bitch ever turn on their central heating properly?

  5. Janus: should I then tell you how I made the company nearly defecate themselves and over me an additional £700 on top of the £1,800 severance they previously agreed to give?

  6. Mustn’t overdo the decency,
    Tends to get excruciatingly boring!

    Wait till I get back,I have a great sheep shagging blog for you, must hasten to lower the tone!!

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