Department of meaningless surveys

The Danes just lurv to find out how well they rate against other countries. The obsession evinces itself every time a commentator spews forth his/her analysis of Denmark’s teams’ performance: ‘Less then world class’, ‘One of Europe’s best’, etc.

And now there’s this:

Click to access rankings_2015.pdf

Bet you didn’t realise that the US of A ranks 90th after Timor-Leste and before Morocco in economic globalisation! Nor did I. Overall the Yanks just beat Slovenia!

Good, ain’t it?

Author: janus

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16 thoughts on “Department of meaningless surveys”

  1. Really amazing Janus, amazing that the Danes carry out such a survey but even more amazing that people like us read about it πŸ™‚

  2. Gaz, akshully it’s Swiss – famous for navies, clocks, rolls and … er …. wotever. But yes, more fool us. 😎

  3. After a long sleep and some thought afterwards I find this survey quite interesting, you only need to put your own interpretation and criteria behind the statistics yourself and you can end up with something quite worthwhile. If you see globalisation as the main criterion for mobility and mobility the main criterion for surviving of the human race and surviving as the main criterion for human evolution, then you could argue that globally Ireland is the country where ‘milk and honey’ are flowing and humans which can adapt in all areas might be placed the best in Ireland and consider it as their holy land (despite the bible saying that about Isreal).
    People who have strength and/or skills rather developed in the specific areas which are concerning economy / social / politics might tend to put their bets rather towards Singapore / Austria /Italy. Interesting that Ireland has a pretty high value in economy and social aspects as well, but politics has not even a value.
    I suppose the trust is still missing looking at most recent historical fatcs.
    Certainly the trustworthiness of the statistical results and its intelligence gathering process is rather challenging, but the principle to evaluate countries towards these criteria stands in good stead with me.

  4. Janus: I would, if I was planning a move (I’m not) I would be tempted to move from 90th place in economic globalisation to something around 200th. I have worked and lived in some of those places and they are generally pretty good. USVI, Channel Islands, IOM, Grenadines as examples.

    Not so sure about Somalia but compared with Singapore I’d probably give it a try.

    Really not sure why anyone would strive to be top of any of these rankings.

  5. I’m a bit suspicious of this survey. I mean, what the hell is ‘Global Socialisation’.
    IMHO the whole thing is just new think gobbledegook.
    They should introduce a new category ‘Stupidity Globalization’.

  6. yes independence, liberty, globalisation,share holder value, control, power and deceit…..all these big words, better to juggle with them and make jokes in context with daily mundane life than trying to be clever, yeh

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