Joining the back-benchers

More in sadness than in anger, I’m dragging Backside out of the glare of the front bench and joining the rest of the cherished colleagues (most of you in fact!) who also serve by only sitting and wha’ever.

It's a hard life as a backbencher: "Sir" Tricky Dicky Ottaway, left, in the House of Commons. Is he asleep? or just "resting his eyes"?

I have deleted all but a a few of my posts too, realising that therein lies no wisdom or wit but hot air enough to fill several of those big’uns.

So kindly do your worst! And IF any mildly interesting posts emerge from the mists, I might drop in and play at gadflies! Tataa.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

9 thoughts on “Joining the back-benchers”

  1. But I hope you’ve seen the lovely photographs of St Andrews this morning, Janus. The country of my birth has lived up to its reputation – again. So now we can wait for two of my fellow countrymen to take on France in the Davis Cup quarter-finals at Queens Club. At least they’ll have been able to put the covers on there.

  2. Dear Janus.

    All credit to you for all your efforts on the Chariot. You deserve a medal, but this site has outlived all the various spin-offs from The Other Place which frankly seems to be leeching bloggers at a rate of knots, so I’m not surprised you are somewhat disheartened.

    It has been good though, and many thanks to you for your efforts.

  3. Janus, my first sight of a Chariot flounce.
    I like the Chariot. It is a little slow moving but that suits me. We each have a different lifestyle and priorities.
    When I was fast action on blogging I go to the other place.
    What I like here is always politeness, good strong discussions without offense taken and much humour.

    If I can be so bold, reading between the lines of your blog, it seems that you may be having a bad day. If there is any truth in that come back tomorrow in full glory. I am sure we would all be happy to see that.

  4. Haw Janus.

    I’ll be with you in a minute. Or an hour, or a day or sometime. But I promise you that I will be with you once I’ve managed to cobble together some ‘mildly interesting posts’ with which to amuse. In the meantime:-

    Good afternoon Christopher.

    Firstly, thank you for the Bank of England pound note which we found on the living room window sill after you left. Most generous.

    Mrs M is still preening herself about your description of her as ‘subtly effective’. She sends her regards and Dougal McDog sends woofs.

    Please assure me that your euro glut has nothing to do with your Australian currency-speculating friend?

    Ochone, Sheona.

    For the avoidance of doubt, we have four of our fellow countrymen (two of whom happen to be Jocks like ourselves) taking on France in the Davis Cup. Admittedly, one of the Southron pair might be a bit rubbish, on present evidence, but it’s still, in my opinion. yet another example of why we should be proud to be Scots whllst delighting in being United.

    Greetings Ara and regards to Bilby.

    We need to talk about Janus. I blame us all in a very real sense. He has posted so many treats for us. We have read them, enjoyed them and failed to respond to them. We have repeatedly promised to try harder and have failed.

    Bearsy and Boadicea’s (not sure about that apostrophe-wise) Chariot is far too good a place to be for us to lose it.

    I believe that Janus’s losing the will to post would be the final nail of indifference in the coffin of the Chariot and a disaster. I will really ,really, really try harder to post something that might re-engage gadflies. Cross my heart and hope to die! I mean it this time. Honest!

    Hi gazoopi.

    To be fair, it’s not really a flounce in the classic MyT usage of the word. As I read his post Janus is still intending to be here but not joining in. Think Achilles in his tent.

    In the good old days, The Bulletin would not even have rated it as a flounce at all.

    Good to see you in the Chariot and I agree with you about the things that you like here. Even if you can’t spell offence for toffee. Or possibly taffy.

  5. Some kind words, thank you.

    I’m akshully having a good day, having cast off a sense of responsibility for this ailing vehicle. I love it to distraction but sometimes you have to let go, nicht wahr?

  6. Sorry for my absence, the move has been pretty grim. 90 heat wave day after day and spousal unit is not in the best of health.
    Trying to unpack is a nightmare. Painting has had to be done first as the furniture is too heavy for us to move. When one has to pay for things to be moved round the house then you get it right the first time! On top, with the heat all my veg garden has matured simultaneously needing attention for freezing, processing and general farting about. Total bloody nightmare!
    Silver lining. Have purchased my tickets out of here for the autumn. Thank God for a reprieve in rainy Wales!
    Anyway, where is the camera? don’t know!

  7. JM, I’m still waiting eagerly for your piece on the SNP’s general election results. As for the Davis Cup team, some are more fellow countrymen than others.

    Christina, I’m sorry to hear spousal unit is not well. We’re just back from the French heatwave. It’s exhausting, yet there is no wish to do anything much. Husband says if we get caught again, we head straight for Nice airport and a plane to the Baltic or the Orkney islands.

    Janus, I’m glad you’re enjoying your day. I’m not sure the England cricket team is.

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