Le Tour (Londres)

(click on pic for larger view)

Here’s a pic one of my mates sent me while waiting for the bikes to arrive.

They had apparently got to a pub called The Red Lion early and claimed their vantage point.

I watched the last hour and a half or so yesterday of the Cambridge / Londres stage and perhaps an hour or so of Sunday’s stage ( York / Sheffield.)

I laughed at the captions, all in a sort of hybrid French / English, I forget what the caption said for Buck House but the one that really made me smile was “Côte de Jenkin Road” on stage 2.

Does anybody else think that Phil Liggett is past it? He’s forever wrongly identifying riders and teams. Paul Sherwen does his best correcting him (very politely I must add.)

For me, Phil has had his ‘Murray Walker’ moment.

3 thoughts on “Le Tour (Londres)”

  1. I have to agree with you about Liggett, Soutie He’s done 42 Tours and now needs to spend more time with his bike.

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