Mystery Cat

We have a cat calendar (one of our children is besotted with cats.) All the usual felines are there, and all are quite easily distinguishable, except this baby!

Any ideas?

10 thoughts on “Mystery Cat”

  1. Morning JH, I too thought snow leopard, I was shouted down ’cause it should be ‘grey fur’ not this yellowish tinge.

    I am not completely discounting your suggestion though, let’s see if something else comes up.

  2. Soutie: snow leopard fur varies from greyish to yellowish. Each cat has slightly different fur, much like each person has a slightly different hair tone even if it is the same colour.

  3. Morning gang.

    Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

    Perhaps the best idea came from a pal of mine at lunch yesterday who asked if I’d had a look at the back of the calender where often publishers detail the various pictures and photographers, no luck there unfortunately 😦

    I think I’m going to go with the snow leopard (also suggested to me by members of a different group via my phone)

    The liger suggestion from Jay certainly had possibilities until I pictured myself attempting to explain where they come from ..

    … see what I mean?

    So snow leopard it is!

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