So you thought you were going to win at last?

Second ODI between England and Australia.

The ninth wicket fell at 244, leaving James Faulkner and Clint McKay to face the music for the last six overs, 57 runs behind the target of 301.   Now James is a recognised bowling all-rounder, but Clint is, let’s face it, a nice guy, a good fielder and a talented bowler, but he’s not quite sure what a bat is for.   His batting average is about 10.

Everyone – on-field spectators (35,000 or so), media commentators, yours truly and the entire England squad – was convinced that England were just a few balls away from their first win of the tour (no, the game against the Prime Minister’s XI doesn’t count).   The Barmy Army all had beautific anticipatory smiles on their faces.

Five and a half overs later, after the most enthralling demonstration of how to avoid being out by facing as few balls as possible, from Clint, and an incredible master-class on how to hit effortless fours and sixes when the chips are down, from Faulkie, we had won, with three balls to spare.

The most exciting and mind-blowing one-day-er I’ve ever watched. 😀

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

9 thoughts on “So you thought you were going to win at last?”

  1. Hi Bearsy,

    Missed the whole match because of relations. Sometimes having a family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Might catch an over or two on Sunday if I’m lucky.

    Belated congrats on winning the Ashes. Enjoyed the series despite “us” losing.

  2. I was unaware of the drama until after it was all over. It must have been very exciting to watch, especially for the Australians. I am of course reminded of another remarkable game, involving Australia, but this time against South Africa. ‘The 438 match of 12 March 2006’. I was with some SA friends. We did not have a TV set and had to listen on the radio, but it was amazingly exciting, nonetheless. Herschel Gibbs was an incredible player. It is a great pity he was such a loose cannnon.

  3. Feeg, please pay attention, it was a gift!

    They’re resting the top players for an arduous tour looming on the horizon, one which will really let the Aussies know where they stand in world cricket.

    Your vitals’ may be shocked to hear that I expect the Aussies to field a full strength team on Sunday, it’s some sort of tribal holiday I hear 🙂

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