9 thoughts on “Not that I’m gloating, but 5 : 0 ain’t bad.”

  1. And to add to that, Lleyton Hewitt has won the Brisbane International tennis final against Roger Federer.

  2. I think the England Team would be very wise not to return to these shores for a long, long time!

  3. Well done Australia; vastly superior in every respect.

    I don’t buy into the Pink bollocks though. Cancer (breast or otherwise) is a cynical industry much like the Holocaust. Imagine if they found a cure; what would all those millions of people do who earn their living from the fact that there isn’t one.

  4. I agree with sipu. I see no real effort to cure cancer, just find better and more expensive/profitable treatments. During the last two years of the boy’s life when he was declared terminal he volunteered as a guinea pig for some of the most bizarre experiments out. His father and I ferried him down to the Royal Marsden on a weekly basis where they did most of it. I have always rather thought that the boy was hoping some of their more dangerous gambits would prove fatal, thus precluding him dying slowly of lung cancer.
    Mind you the royal Marsden was VERY insistent that waivers of responsibility for causing death were signed on the dotted line!!

    Interestingly most of the so called cures touted are anything but. People may well get remissions of years, sometimes decades but it frequently comes roaring back to get them a second time. I suspect the prediliction of the individual’s genetic structure has more to do with it than anything else.
    Any money spent would probably be better spent pressuring manufacturers into removing the foul chemicals from so many domestic products and cleaning up our air and water.
    But then far less people suffering from cancer would hardly fit big pharma’s balance sheets would they?
    There is a lot to be said for using organic personal products. Were I young today I would be very firmly in the organic camp, as it is, too old to bother!

    I must say I do not think I care very much for the principle of specific sexist cancer charities. It is such a dreadful thing to deal with and so few seem able to cope with it all, that all and any should be able to get support. I think the approach of the McMillan charity cancer nurses (general) is perhaps a less divisive route to follow.

  5. Good evening, Bearsy.and a Good New Year to you.

    Not only not bad in any way but thoroughly deserved and you are right to celebrate. I’m just glad that the whole sorry and embarrassing mess is finally over.

    Ashes-wise, that is. Let’s hope ‘we’ can do better in the One Day series. I am not confident.

    Flower must stay! At least until after Paul Collingwood has had time to guide us Jocks to qualification for the World Cup next year.,After that, I can see a role for PC with England as ‘we’ try to pick up the pieces.

  6. The McGrath foundation does not provide money for research. It’s purpose is to provide one-on-one nursing support for those with breast cancer.

  7. Yes, I am aware of that, re my para 3.
    I would be happier if they dealt with breast and prostrate cancer say! I just don’t like gender divisive issues raising their heads in cancer treatments/treatments/support etc. I can’t see that it is any the worse to go of one variety or another of cancer, all get pretty bloody nasty by the end. Where it started is hardly germane especially to the surviving relatives.

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