No nicotine in the nick

I’m sure some cherished colleagues have diplomatically mild views on how best to punish criminals.


But HMGov has come up with a humdinger – taking the fags away from the 80% of inmates who smoke. What a stroke of penological genius! Let’s show genuine concern for the prison environment, not to mention the health of the minders and the minded.

Backside wonders whether most of the deprived denizens will ask for transfers to Rikers island, Bang Kwang or La Sante where they could at least nurse their bruises with a quiet drag.

Author: Janus

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6 thoughts on “No nicotine in the nick”

  1. Janus – an interesting one though I fear it will be the Prison Officers who suffer most. I haven’t read the ink yet as I want to come to this with an open mind. Inmates who smoke are usually banged up together in the same cell or have their own cell. I’,m pretty sure smoking is not allowed on the landings. So on what footing are the Government saying this? I will now read the link.

  2. A document sent to senior prison staff and seen by the Times said: “You will no doubt be aware that the decision has been made that the time is right for the prison estate to adopt a tobacco and smoke-free policy to provide a smoke-free workplace/environment for our staff and prisoners.”

    “The time is right?” What arrogant and fatuous bollox.

  3. papaguinea :

    “The time is right?” What arrogant and fatuous bollox.

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s as though politicians and officials think that they have to invent new policy as some sort of legacy instead of just doing the job they’re paid for.

  4. I reckon the EU Human Rights lobby will have soemthing to say about this. Can people be forced – legally – to banish their addictions? Is it like force-feeding in reverse? Will prisons be graded according to their level of health? Is smoking a crime?

  5. I do hope the prisoners riot seriously!
    I would.

    Some arsehole jobsworth told me I couldn’t smoke in a car park in Barnstaple this summer. Needless to say he received an earful of elegant vebal abuse! Needless to say I continued to my car smoking.
    Utter bloody drivel.

  6. I know how the prisoners will feel – although I am seriously trying to quit – I have to hide my addiction here at my mother’s. I feel like rioting at times!

    On a more serious note – I wonder what the ‘ooman rights mob’ will say.

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