Make Bales of hay while the sun shines

The last minute transfer scramble on football’s deadline day continues to keep aficionados glued to the TV screen in the hope their club has landed a big fish. The cash is splashed without a care in the world. During this transfer window English clubs spent a record £630 million on players! It’s no secret I’m a football fan myself but even I find the money Real Madrid forked out on Gareth Bale beyond the pale. Gareth, fine player that he is, will take home a cool £300,000 a week in wages. No doubt, there will be other bonuses and perks in the small print to boost his coffers.

When will this Madness stop? When will the limit be reached? There is no way this can be sustained. Throughout Europe there have been teams that have faced financial difficulties and gone to the wall. Some of these clubs have dallied in the upper reaches of the game but what needs to happen is for a Real Madrid or a Manchester United to get into trouble before sanity, and lower pricing structures, comes into force.

17 thoughts on “Make Bales of hay while the sun shines”

  1. SSSHHH, J. The photo was intended to entice non-football fans to the party. One of those clever rugby types, missing the joke, would have said in all seriousness……
    “by the way, your photograph is not….

  2. Môre “men”

    Firstly I have no idea who the picture is ❓

    and secondly about the money spent and wages paid…

  3. It is rumoured that our Gareth has spent a few bob recently on pinning back his ears. I s’pose imperfect specimens like him and Wayne-of-the-extra-hair need such arificial enhancements – unlike thee and me.

  4. Never mind Mansion Tax, aka fining people for having nice houses. How about a massive tax on all football transfer fees.

    I think the clever rugby types did spot your little joke and thought that it was a bit feeble 🙂

  5. Four-eyed English Genius :

    Never mind Mansion Tax, aka fining people for having nice houses. How about a massive tax on all football transfer fees.

    Hear, hear! It’s an obscenity when ordinary folk struggle to make in a year what he makes in one day.

  6. Blame mugs like me, Sipu. If we didn’t subscribe to the TV packages, buy replica shirts (for my sons not me, I must add), purchase match tickets and buy football books and magazines, they wouldn’t be able to pay the massive wages to their players. It is a pity the game is so darn popular but as we all know, nothing lasts forever.

  7. I like the “rolling about laughing” emoticon thingy, S-man. Laugh and the whole world….

    I’ve just remembered you saying you don’t watch many films. The guy in the picture is actor Christian Bale who, if you ask me, has never bettered his role in American Psycho. Naturally, the book is better than the film.

  8. Football and Hollywood exemplify why one just might be vastly entertained at the thought of an imminent ‘end of the world’ scenario!
    Note to self- Join Seventh Day Adventists!!!

  9. Unfortunately, Mrs O, Sky rules the waves. Football is not limited to a Saturday. TV scheduling demands that it’s on almost every bleedin’ night!

  10. Howzit TR

    Christopher Bale you say, I have of course heard the name but you’re right, never seen a film of his. In fact if he walked into a pub, sat next to me and ordered I pint, I’d even now have to ask him to introduce himself.

    A mate of mine went to a fancy dress party over the weekend dressed as Gareth Bale, I said that’s a bit rich.

    I’m not sure why you mention match tickets in your explanation of the wealth generated by these companies, you and I are both avid attendees, I know that I always leave knowing that I got value for money as I think that you might do, I know for a fact that ground admission in my rugby sides case doesn’t even cover the cost of running the stadium but they do like full houses (looks good for the sponsors, advertisers and of course those dreaded ‘evil empire’ satellite TV providers)

  11. The prices are affordable up here as you point out, Soutie, but I don’t know where the English fans find the money to go to Premiership matches on a regular basis. They must need to take out a Wonga.

    P.S. still enjoying the long running stand up gag. 🙂

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