5 thoughts on “Whales in the bay”

  1. Môre Jay

    Of course. How about the two at the back of the pic? They appear to have a fin / flipper resting on each other, praps just a cuddle then 😉

  2. Hi Sheona

    I would post one every day if my local allowed me, unfortunately their front pages have been full of politics, war, crime and other depressing stuff but as and when I see the good ‘uns I’ll continue to post them 😉

  3. Thanks Soutie. I was lucky enough to get a feel-good photo in the Cromarty Firth, Sutherland, Scotland two days ago. (Watch this space.) Our host told us that a day earlier there were schools of basking sharks going by, about 20 to 30 feet long with huge dorsal fins, Must have been a sight for sore eyes – as my mother would say.

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