Winner! May Poetry Competition

Drip or trickle

I believe PapaG’s spontaneous, on-topic couplet was inspired by the Navy ration. It’s not clear whether he meant it as an entry, but it’s very welcome anyway. Thank you, PG.


Good one, FEEG! I really liked this take on the theme, especially the rhyming combination of ‘tongue’ and ‘dung’. Classic! 🙂

Water Oughter

A high standard from LW; clever, amusing poem, good title.

The Plumber

A poem of the first water; concise but not caught short. I appreciate Janus taking the trouble to pen these lines when he was otherwise engaged.

The Flood

JW breaks all the rules yet again with his unique style of writing. Witty and Wacky, with a charming illustration.

Many thanks for your entries everyone.

The winning poet this month is … JW! Congratulations! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Winner! May Poetry Competition”

  1. Bilby – a worthy winner indeed and JW’s was my favourite for his quirky style. It was kind of your to include my couplet as I hadnt rfeally meant it as an offering. Strangely I am on the malt tonight with an old friend who is invited round. The choice being Highland Park, a sort of 2nd division Laphroaig, Congratulations JW and have a malt on me! And thanks Bilby for judging.

  2. Well done Jay Dubya, that was a really good piece. Well judged Bilby. (Ungrits teeth) 🙂

  3. Spot on, Bilbers! I hope you’ll remain ‘in the swim’ after your comp? 🙂

  4. Thank you very much, Bilby. Last thing I won was the school tennis championship (if I’d worked on my volleying you’d never have heard of Andy Murray).

    Thanks to all the likers of my little ode and the nice comments. I keep away from spirits and don’t drink whisky. I’ll have a few cold beers instead.

  5. You’re welcome, JW. Just think, if you’d worked on your volleying, you would have been too busy to enter the poetry competition! Scotland’s loss is our gain. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed the beers.

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