The children at school today
were told not to go out to play
With the discomfort index
at a hundred and six
best stay indoors for the day.

Old people too were warned
that the heat was not to be scorned
It’s oppressive they said
best to stay in bed
especially the sick and infirmed.

I heard this news on the radio
got me thinking on what to do
So I steered my car
to my local bar
and downed a Castle or two.

4 thoughts on “Heat”

  1. My poem is actually a true story, I did hear the warnings on my car radio, perhaps a week or so ago and after due consideration decided to take the afternoon off 😉

  2. Hi Soutie. Just receiving the benefit of the latest batch of global warming darn in the sarf of England! I think a nice cold beer may not be quite so appropriate at the moment! 🙂

  3. Hmm.

    Well, I will try not to let this affect the judging, but, it is horrible here, the wind is whistling noisily around my ancient chimney pots, blasting my potted plants around the garden, AND, the temperature has not been much above freezing point for some days now. Some sleet and more snow forecast.

    I will still try hard not to hold this against you, but I would suggest that your only hope is to pray for a change in the weather before I either expire from the cold, or flee the country to warmer climes. 😉

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