To Dad from Dad

Apologies for the picture quality

The device that you see atop my printer is a portable 7″ television. Linked to our largest satellite provider (DSTV) it allows me to watch a variety of channels (most importantly the sports ones) for free!

I already have a 2 channel receiver for the home but with the children wanting to watch their programmes and Mrs. S watching whatever garbage either the cooking channel(s) or BBC (strictly anyone?) dish up on one of the spare TV’s I’ve often (always) been left sucking the hind whatsit.

Not anymore!

This gadget is completely portable with a claimed six hour battery life, as you can see, when this morning at about 5.30am I was strategical removed from the lounge and barred from the TV room I was able to continue watching the Aussies hammer the Tea Merchants down in Melbourne.

At a unit price of R800 (£55) it is going to make my life soooooo muuuuch more comfortable πŸ™‚


The 30cm ruler balanced on top of the Walka was to give a perception of scale, unfortunately not to clear here but I’m sure that you all get the idea!


4 thoughts on “To Dad from Dad”

  1. G’morgen, Soutie! I’m glad to see that small is getting more beautiful again. I’m planning to catch up one day – I think. πŸ™‚

  2. You have reminded me, Soutie, to thank all cherished colleagues here who have helped extend my knowledge of cricket. Son described me in his bridegroom’s speech as “Mum, who knows more about cricket than any Scotswoman should.”

  3. MΓ΄re Janus, can’t use my new toy today 😦

    Those darn Aussies have rolled the Tea Pickers out and won by an innings overnight!

    To be fair, only eight of them could bat today but the real bad news is that Sangakkara is out of the tour (broken hand) he’ll be sorely missed.

  4. Morning Sheona, well then, I’m delighted that anybody other than the usual suspects bothers to read my (and others) posts on cricket or anything else for that matter!

    I’m even more delighted that it appears that you found some of the info useful πŸ˜‰

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