Boxing Day

No boxing today but plenty of CRICKET.

I’ll be spending the afternoon (14:30 start) in The Long Room at historic St. Georges Park with a view not too dissimilar to the one on the left.

It’s The Black Caps in the third and final T20i, with the teams currently tied at one match apiece we should be in for an entertaining game.

One advantage of The Long Room is that it is far from that infernal brass band who’s badly played 10 song repertoire (which gets played over and over) drives most of us to distraction. The band were actually glorified by Australia’s Ch9 commentary team this morning, they have obviously never spent an hour never mind a full day’s play within earshot of them!

I’ve always enjoyed watching Sangakkara, I always knew he was good but not this good, that’s some record among some of the finest ever! He’s also only the 11th batsman to pass 10,000 runs, the others being Kallis, Border, S Waugh, Chanderpaul, Jayawardene and of course Sunil Gavaskar (no English?)

What’s with the ‘antisocial behaviour’ notice, not in OZ surely?

… 🙂 …

6 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Soutie, g’morgen. Yes, what ever happenned to a restful day at the cricket? The World 20s were spoiled by pop between the balls, if I may say so? 🙂

  2. Môre Janus.

    We’ve been blessed with the 2nd NZ test at St George’s, starting Jan 11th, we were discussing buying tickets for all 5 days but none of us think that it’ll get past 3 😉

  3. Hi Soutie

    Don’t worry, the English are coming!

    Spending a boring morning tuning up Mrs M’s laptop, so I started browsing the records while I waited for scan results. Looking at the contenders who are still active, and ruling out injuries to any of them, I doubt if Sehwag (8,559) will now make the 10,000 at all.

    Your boy Smith (8,569) will presumably be next as he only needs another 1,431 runs. To be fair, h’e have to average 143.1 to beat the present record of 195 innings held by the triumvirate.

    Then I make it a head to head race between ‘our’ boys Cook (7,117) and the adopted KP (7,414). They need averages of just over 72 and 71 respectively. I think that Cookie will make the 10,000 but KP might still fall, being nine years older and always liable to unreintegration, given his past record.

    We should never, pace Bearsy, discount Pup (6,824 and needing an average of 83.5) who might barrel past the three of them. Mind, that’s going to be difficult for him as he captains Australia to back to back Ashes defeats – smiley thing.

    Thanks for giving me something to do while the backup and scans are running and enjoy the afternoon.

  4. And here is today’s view!

    This pic was taken during the ‘warm-ups’ that’s The black Caps in the foreground and The Proteas top of picture.

    As suspected, cannon fodder, can’t wait for the test.

  5. Evening JM

    I’m pleased that I gave you some food for thought, we were discussing the possibility of Kallis getting 50 tons just yesterday!

    If anybody can he can, snag is he’ll probably only bat twice against NZ, we’ll see 🙂

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