Oz v S.A. – Perth

Here we go, the decider.

Last time we played here we scored over 400 in the fourth innings to win. How is the Adelaide match going to effect the psyche?

Did I hear that this is Ricky’s last outing? If true, hats off to a remarkable batsman and captain, a thorn in our sides for what is it? At least 10 years?

Slightly better timing for me, a 02:30 gmt start, can’t wait!

16 thoughts on “Oz v S.A. – Perth”

  1. Yup, you heard correctly, this is Punter’s last Test. He’ll still be playing for Tassie, but it’s goodbye to the big boys’ game. Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus have both been dropped for this match; Pup claims that they are both too exhausted after their efforts in Adelaide. Nathan Lyon’s still in, potentially, but then he’s not tired. Huh? Sounds like a load of cobblers to me. I reckon Peter and Ben will be mad as hell at being pushed out.

    But Watson will be back and they’re even considering bringing Mitch Johnson in, and a couple of schoolboys to “strengthen the bowling”. Recipe for disaster in my view, but what do I know? 😦

    I expect to see the SA guys hit them out of the ground.

    It’s going to be a match that we could have won if we’d done something vaguely sensible – like using the Buggerup Second Eleven from beyond the Black Stump – but with this overpaid mob of injury-prone poofters we don’t stand a chance.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding my breath. Enjoy the game, Soutie.

  2. Gentlemen, good evening.

    Enjoy the deciding Test. Two good teams and World Number 1 at stake.

    It’s funny how you can dislike a player from another team right up to the point when you realise that he’s not going to be around to hate any more. I will miss Punter but expect that he will be on TMS and proving to be yet another good commentator on the great game before I get severe withdrawal symptoms.

    Contrariwise, there are players from other teams who command your total respect. I am gutted for Siddle and refuse to believe that he would not have been ready, willing and able to give his usual all for OZ at Perth. Moving on. Mitchell Johnson, if picked, would be interesting and varied as he always is, and the Test is at his WACA. Still not convinced that he could manage to be the difference.

    Whatever, busy day tomorrow, so not staying up for the start, Recording it and will do a quick fast forward through the play to date before departing for work. Given the previous two Tests, however, I have every confidence that I will be glued to every live ball from Day 2 onwards.

  3. Oh Dear! Soutie! Haven’t you yet realised that Bearsy is always pessimistic about Oz’s prospects!

  4. I have to say I felt deeply embarrassed for the entire male sex when I saw Pup break down in tears over the retirement of Ricky Ponting. What on earth was that about?

  5. Howzit Boa, I realised long ago that the glass is always half empty with Bearsy when it comes to cricket, but not here, 33/2 could well be half full 😉

  6. Day 2

    OZ 118/7 @ lunch, who on earth would have thought that?

    I slept through the first hour 😦 , gonna catch up on the wickets with the highlights!

  7. Day 3

    Proteas 320/3 at lunch, a lead of 382.

    There is simply too much time left in this match to start feeling comfortable, The Proteas simply have to bat out the rest of today and the 1st session tomorrow, that hopefully would create a lead of 600 plus and the Aussies 5 sessions to worry about it.

    A draw is sufficient for The Proteas to keep their number 1 world ranking, personally I’d like to see a win (and another series victory) but this world ranking system seems to be taking precedence over results these days 😦

  8. As you can imagine, Soutie, the cup was almost completely empty here today!

    Well you got the first part of your wish! But we do have a bit of time to solve the problem… 🙂

  9. Day 4

    Aussies currently 88/2 chasing a mammoth 632 to win or bat out the remaining 2 days and hold out for a draw.

    Ricky Ponting has just walked through a guard of honour provided by the Proteas, shakes Graeme Smith’s hand and takes guard for his final test innings.

    There’s enough time left for the Aussie’s to slowly chip away at the massive total, most opinions are that an Aussie win is extremely unlikely but hey, it’s a funny ol’ game is cricket, we’ll see.

  10. Howzit Boa

    I can well imagine the angst in Aussie households during yesterday’s batting onslaught, much like feelings here during the Aussie batting at Adelaide!

    There’s a ton of time left, an interesting couple of days await.

  11. …. and Ricky Ponting’s out!

    Caught 2 balls before lunch at slip by Kallis off the slow bowling of our very own homegrown Eastern Province slow bowler Robbie Petersen, the end of a truly great career of one of cricket’s greatest test cricketers

  12. And that’s that.

    Oz bowled our for 322 on the 4th day.

    I wasn’t sitting easy ’till both Clarke and Hussey were back in the hut, they’re both capable of big scores but today wasn’t going to be their day.

    A series win for the Proteas and would you believe undefeated in test cricket this year which included home series’ against New Zealand & Sri Lanka and tours to both England and OZ 🙂

  13. Great year for the Proteas Soutie. I was mightily impressed by the ‘Guard of Honour’ for Ponting – as you note, one of the game’s greats.

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