The Perfect Ten

It was the little chap’s birthday a few days ago. This is only a selection of his passing abilities. Witness a cavalcade of precision passing with the perfect weight on the pass to the best placed team-mate. Correct decision making and supreme execution. This is what you call a football brain. I could have easily uploaded montages of dribbling expertise or unbelievable Maradona training skills (nonchalant keepie-uppie with a golf ball anybody?) but I thought I’d underplay the football hand. I await a series of responses by rugbyistas that show off the “skills” of their number tens. Catching a ball and kicking it over a bar is quite clever, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Ten”

  1. Is that Marodona chappy related to Madona? If so, that’s some talented family.

    Rugby is perhaps more about team work, watch this, all started by a number 10 (@ 39sec) but to be fair it could have just as easily been started by a number 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15

    Although billed as the greatest try of all time I’ve seen many just as spectacular

    Did you know that the first football match that I watched here ended nil – nil? (S.A. v Japan.) That the second football match that I watched (a world cup match) also ended nil – nil? (Ivory Coast v Portugal) and that I had to wait for my third game (Germany v Serbia) to actually witness my first score?

    That’s a lot of traveling, time and money for a solitary goal!

    I’ve never seen a nil-nil in cricket or rugby 😉

  2. TR, all the players looked like Maradona. A bit like the 3 Scousers.

    As Soutie says rugby is a team sport not for primaMaradonas. But here is an offering of another kind kicking skills.

  3. Hi Soutie, I have seen that try many times and it is great. Two things struck me though, one was the couple of high tackles that were not penalised and the other was how little the ball seemed to bounce. It may have been a soggy pitch, but those old leather balls did not seem to have the same bounce as the modern rubber ones.

  4. I always felt sorry for the wing. He was expecting the pass when Edwards comes bursting through and grabs it from under his nose. What pace.

  5. I thought Maradona followed the example of William Web Ellis anyway, at least when playing against England 🙂

    That really was a great try, Soutie!

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