A bridge too far

I’m sure that the hoards of avid rugby followers that read these pages will agree with me that the gap between the two tiers of S.A. Currie cup rugby is larger than we first thought.

Although the E.P.Kings went through the season undefeated, (2 draws) and rightfully earned their place in the promotion / relegation playoffs, (home and away) last nights hammering at the hands of the Free State Cheetahs brought us all down to earth with a bang.

Ironically on the left try scorer Andries Strauss has already signed for The Kings for next season.

The score? An overwhelming 53 -14 (8 tries -2) Match report here

Here’s hoping that we don’t have more of the same next year during our first Super Rugby campaign, sure we’ll have a few new signings to strengthen the squad but against full strength outfits from the Crusaders, Reds, Bulls, Sharks et al it could be a very long season!

7 thoughts on “A bridge too far”

  1. Môre Janus

    I have excellent news, there’s a very tricky general knowledge crossword oft attempted by two of my more senior friends at one of my locals, I happened upon them the other day and (as they always do) asked if I could assist, 6 across Roman god of doorways (5) 🙂

  2. Btw, is it still raining down you way? The T20 was off yesterday evening (again) so KP didn’t get a knock.

  3. It’s pouring, we’re told should clear tomorrow.

    Today’s games are up in Jhb,weather should be fine for those.

    KP’s next outing is along in Cape Town tomorrow, weather looks fine for that one

  4. We’ve seen it here, too, Soutie. It’s a big step up to premier division rugby – some make it, some step right back down 🙂

    Good luck to the Kings 🙂

  5. Howzit Bravo, thanks for the good wishes, your right of course.

    So I asked myself what’s needed to be a successful ‘promotion’ side?

    I came up with…

    Infrastructure, we’ve got that, magnificent new stadium and practice facilities.

    Finance, no problem there, the income from sponsors and broadcast rights is massive, in fact fans are charged a very nominal R30 entry per game (£2) ,more to keep homeless, riffraff and beggars out than a means of raising revenue!

    Support base, fans here have proved by large turn outs (45,000 @ one important game) and product purchases (replica shirts, etc.) that there is a need for top flight rugby here and that it will be well supported.

    Squad, and here’s the problem, being left in the lower echelons of S.A. rugby for so long our local talent has over a ten year period moved to the ‘bigger’ provinces and imports are reluctant to step down a division, our squad and depth are going to be severely tested.

    Having said all that, we don’t care, we’re looking forward to hosting the worlds superstars for at least one season, supporting our home side and enjoying the whole affair, it’s been a long time coming, can’t wait!

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