The rugby cHampionsHip

It all starts today!

Aussies vs All Blacks at lunchtime then The Boks vs The Pumas this afternoon, yes I do mean Argentina.

The Tri-nations (SA,Oz and NZ) has expanded this year to include Argentina and the name for the new competition The Rugby Championship

I love the name, simply The Championship, after all it is the best teams in the world competing!

3 thoughts on “The rugby cHampionsHip”

  1. Good morning, Soutie.

    I don’t know about this ‘best teams in the world competing’ claim. After all, Scotland beat two of the teams involved the last time we played them. And we only lost by a point to Argentina last year. And I was there at Murrayfield when we drew 0-0 against New Zealand in 1964.

    So, the whole thing sounds a Mickey Mouse sort of event to me, given Caledonia’s internationally-famed inability to be any good at rugby.

    Added to which, I think that you are placing too much emphasis on world-ranking positions in defining best. I personally feel that it really does not matter at all whether a team is ranked 1 or 2 in the world at any particular sport, to take a purely hypothetical example.

    Joshing over, it promises to be a superb Championship. Good luck to the mighty Bokke. I hope that you crush the Argies as that will have the bonus of nudging them down towards us in the battle for places 7 and 8 in the afore-mentioned rankings.

    I am recording the two games (and Griquas v Western Province) as I will. of course, be watching the England cricket team retaining their Number 1 status in the world by finally managing to play to their true potential.

    Great news about the Southern Kings.

  2. John Mackie :

    Great news about the Southern Kings.

    That of course is a blog all by itself 😉

    At last night’s game, it was Super pass, Super try, Super defence etc.

    We are of course now drinking, eating and living in Super Territory life couldn’t be better 🙂

  3. Although the Pumas (they wanted to be called the Jaguars) got a bit of a walloping, it is good to see they are now able to compete in a major championship. It can only Improve their game.

    BTW, I am with Mr. M on the relative merits of various Southern Hemisphere teams 🙂

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