And there’s more

While most of the world’s TVs were full of Olympic stuff, some more ‘GB and N Ireland’ fellas were winning – in fact four of the top six golfers at the PGA Championships in the US of A qualify for the description. Rory McIlroy carries a British passport and claims to be Irish too, while the others hail from England: David Lynn, Justin Rose and Ian Poulter. Something in the water obviously!

Author: Janus

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13 thoughts on “And there’s more”

  1. There is only one thing more boring than playing golf, and that’s watching it! I know some people love the game but I can’t stand it.

  2. Minters: oh, come on. Surely there is no greater joy than watching small groups of chaps puttering about a field knocking small, white balls around for hours on end.

  3. Oh, and Janus, brilliant Olympics. I remain tepid about the opening ceremony, but the rest was bloody brilliant. It was also good to see that the Spice Girls could still get around without wheelchairs.

  4. Christopher.

    In my opinion, and I must confess to an unswerving and quite unreasonable hatred of people who “golf, they should all be shot, or at least prevented from boring others with their endless talk of what is after all the most amazingly inane occupation for adults of either gender.

    I apologise if I have upset any golfers here, but you will quite safe as long as you refrain from banging on about it. 😉

  5. Minters: I share your ingrained distaste for the “sport”. To quote Mark Twain, “golf is a perfectly good walk ruined”. I must also admit to bearing a strong distaste for perfectly good fields wrecked for no other purpose than that. The only consolation I can, at times, have is sounding my car horn as I drive past — especially when some are so utterly deep in concentration.

  6. Arrers, your feathers seem uncharacteristically ruffled by the Scottish game which has now been Trumped! 🙂

  7. The experts do say that it’s much harder to strike a stationary object than a moving one. That’s certainly my own experience.

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