God gave us Grace

In the Golden age of Hollywood it was easy to brush scandals under the carpet. Take Rock Hudson for instance, who would have thought? Now Tippi Hedren has admitted that the married Alfred Hitchcock, who directed her in films, also made a play for her. The still lovely Hedren confirms that Hitch sexually harassed her when she was at her peak. She rebuffed him and her career hit the buffers. That’s life and life goes on.

A recent twitter poll asked a similar question to the long-running debate of best Bond girl: “Who was Hitchcock’s greatest leading lady?”. Hedren came out on top. Referee, Referee, you’ve got that all wrong. Consult your linesman. It’s got to be Grace Kelly.
Good looks, good acting, good pedigree. Got Royalist written all over her.

5 thoughts on “God gave us Grace”

  1. Sienna Miller was in Cape Town earlier this year making a film about the making of Birds. She is in the role of Tippi Hedren. Hitchcock was pretty mean to her during the filming and very controlling. But it was a good movie and Hedren returned to make Marnie, so I guess that is ok then. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a396627/toby-jones-as-alfred-hitchcock-sienna-miller-as-tippi-hedren-picture.html

    As for Grace Kelley, I think she was beautiful, but her daughter in law and my fellow Zimbabwean, Princess Charlene is not too bad.

  2. Does anyone really give a damn?
    They are all dead and gone years ago. to be honest I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. it is hardly as if they are significant to history is it?
    Does anyone know the name of the second maidservant of Cleopatra that gave Mark Anthony a blow job?
    No, I thought not!

  3. CO, it is arguable that Grace Kelly saved the House of Grimaldi! Isn’t that historical enough? 🙂

  4. Being a low maintenance type of female myself, I often wonder what a beauty like Princess Charlene would look like without all that artifice of make-up and hair styling…

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