Cameron van der Burgh

Forgive my indulgence, it is after all South Africa’s first gold medal since Athens, (we achieved a solitary silver in Beijing) it’s been a long wait.

Pic from The Sowetan, click pic for article

58.46sec, not just a personal best, nor just a SA record but an Olympic and World Record.

Cameron you beaut, jou boytjie, you made us all proud last night.



21 thoughts on “Gold”

  1. Soutie, g’dag! And well done. That’s the Olympic spirit! (Btw were many of those empty seats allocated to SA dignitaries who then sold them to touts to be recycled? πŸ™‚ )

  2. MΓ΄re Janus, Olympic spirit? Of course, for the events and actual participants.

    I’ve no idea who is selling their tickets on the black market, our lot you ask? I would think that they’re all at it. (By that I don’t mean all S Africans but the whole so called ‘Olympic family’) I recall some bigwig being caught down here during the FIFA 2010 selling his tickets, all hushed up of course!

  3. Wonderful! It’s nice to see “someone else”, be it South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Fiji, Aotearoa, etc winning gold. Congratulations, Suid Afrika!

  4. Nice one tonight, Soutie.

    BBC have just finished interviewing his Dad. Magic emotion although I view his assertion that Chad got his looks from him with a touch of disbelief.

    I see that Chad went to school in Durban so there’s got to be a chance that he’s a Sharks fan then?

  5. Morning JM

    Thanks, I found the interview (here) and decided to share with fellow members (Here – Proud Father)

    I also found an interview with Chad in his bedroom, no rugby posters or memorabilia at all on the walls but yes, I suspect he is a Sharks fan!

    Some fascinating stuff in the interview, particularly his explanation of slow and fast pools (who’d have thought it?) and his display of medals, The clip is on my Proud Father post.

  6. Good grief, we’ve gone and got another!!!!

    Apparently the chap on the right is going to become a ‘role model’. Not much is said about the other three, click the picture for credit and ‘role model’ report. (or here)

  7. Soutie, good evening.

    Well done but I am becoming a wee bit concerned about the nationalistic triumphalism which you appear to be displaying.

    Moving on, we’ve now got five Gold medals and sixteen overall compared to your paltry total of three. And we have charged up the table to Number Five.

    Moving on again, I personally believe that you should have trimmed your photo to avoid thrusting the male members of your boys into our collective faces.

    In seriousness, having googled the boy Sizwe and the way in which he arrived at his Gold Medal, maybe he really will be a role model. But then so could the others, in my opinion. I still think that your country will go from strength to strength and will prove the doubters wrong.

    Well done again. And I see that Sizwe was born in KwaZulu-Natal. That’ll be yet another Shark then?

  8. Morning JM

    ‘nationalistic triumphalism’ ❓

    I’ve used the terms ‘unbelievable’ and ‘good grief’ more disbelief than triumphalism, I am feeling pretty positive about the cricket though πŸ˜‰

    Yes, (he says resigningly) I too suspect that Sizwe could be another closet Shark, I’m meeting more and more of them everyday.

    Fortunately, I notice that SA are playing Aus in a key ladies hockey match tomorrow morning (bully off 8.30am) well worth watching πŸ™‚

  9. And now a SILVER!

    In what is now becoming a record of SA medals at this year’s London Olympics it seems only fair to record Chad Le Clos’ 2nd medal, dead heating behind Michael Phelps in the 100m fly with Russia’s Evgeny Korotyshkin.

  10. G’morgen, Soutie! Yes! Let’s join the triumphal throng! If the other teams aren’t enjoying it, they should have stayed at ‘ome, innit?

  11. I’m looking forward to watching Pistorious this morning, Soutie, if Slovak TV decides to show it.

  12. Hi sheona, just watched Oscar’s heat, he ran a seasons best and qualified for the semi’s (tomorrow night @ 20.40 UK time) πŸ™‚

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