10 thoughts on “Hot in the city”

  1. Just tottered in knackered from the community garden in the local town, very humid, that coffee would have gone down a treat. BUT, just picked my first pepper and first eggplant of the season, good considering the weather up here. So ratatouille tonight, or more commonly known as rat’s tails!

  2. Good morning, Gaelic coffee? Called Irish coffee down here, I bought a round last night as a celebratory gesture for friends at my table at the end of the rugby. I hadn’t had one for years, delicious!

  3. Greek or Turkish coffee for me, why ruin the taste of good strong coffee with cream yeuuk or sugar, though a drop of malt in black coffee is good.

  4. Good morning, Soutie.

    I certainly enjoyed yesterday afternoon. A brief sunny uplift in a miserable day of failing to be able to watch any Britons getting close to winning any medals of any sort. Mind, I cheered up when I realised that Team GB had been inspired by that magnificent Opening Ceremony and its celebration of what it is to be British. They obviously decided to buy into the whole thing by going back to our true Brit sporting roots and doing what we used to do so well. Lose.

    This Sharks team are no good at losing. I thought that was a superb performance by the whole lot of them and by the forwards in particular. They gave Michalak so much time and space and he used it brilliantly. Ludik and JP took their tries well and the latter is back to his best. I hope that I get the chance to watch him live at Murrayfield this autumn.

    Thanks for the coffee (and the song). Definitely Irish. We do make it up here but mainly for the tourists, just like the DFM’s. I have just realised that, if we use the ‘G’ word for it, it is pronounced ‘Gale-ic’ (Irish) and not the correct Scots way – ‘Garlic’ without the ‘r’. So, we probably use Irish whiskey as well instead of wasting good drink.

    Just have this feeling that next week in Hamilton will be one game too far and many air miles too many but, as I said, these Sharks are no good at losing. Here’s hoping.

  5. Howzit JM

    What a game, none of this dour test match stuff, a game worthy of a Super-rugby semi as was Friday’s.

    9.35am kick off (8.35 for you) another looooong day for me 😉

    Here’s one for you…..

    If Red Bulls give you wings, what do Blue Bulls give you?

    2 Saturdays off at the end of season 😦

  6. I’m with you, RR, though back in the day it was NATO standard – two spoonfuls of instant, two spoonfuls of (powdered) milk and two of sugar. It’s probably the only actual NATO standard that is universally understood 🙂 (Tastes just like it sounds…)

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