Banyana Banyana

My Olympic viewing started yesterday evening, the ladies football has started, and if I’m honest it was certainly watchable.

Banyana Banyana (The Girls, the men’s side is nicknamed Bafana Bafana, The Boys) are currently ranked a lowly 61st in the world rankings while Sweden, their opponents last night are ranked a mighty 4th. After going 3-0 down early on our girls held the Swedes for the next hour or so. (final result 4-1)

South Africa’s goal was a Beckhamesque lob over the Swedish keeper from almost the centre circle, exquisite.

The first London Laughable Moment arrived earlier than even I expected

The idiots in charge at Hampden Park, Glasgow had the South Korean flag next to the North Korean athlete’s names, you couldn’t make it up!

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13 thoughts on “Banyana Banyana”

  1. Soutie, I watched England vs New Zealand and was fairly entertained. Me thinks this could take off a bit. As for the Hampden gaff, I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t intentional, typical of Glasgow pub humour viz. we don’t give a shit where you come from but welcome to Scotland slit-eyes and take a wee dram. (Now which flag might be substituted for Team GB – the Irish? )

  2. Soutie and PG, g’morgen! I too saw some of the footie. Good stuff. I think this should now be the place to record all subsequent Olympic ‘Owlers!

  3. Good morning, it reminded us of our first post isolation Olympics back in ’92 when we didn’t have a flag (well we did, but didn’t if you know what I mean but you know the story ;))

    Here’s Elana Meyer celebrating her silver in Barcelona…

  4. Flags, schmags.. it gets much better than that and I am sure, considering the games haven’yt even started yet, that Cambuffoons ‘World Class Event’ is going to descend into a complete and utter shambles.

    Nearly 5,000 idiots who parted with perfectly good sterling in order to watch some plonka in budgie smugglers jump in a pool are to be offered refunds because they will not be able to see the diver from their seat.

    Locog were well aware of the issue inside the Aquatics Centre designed to a budget of 75 million but built for 253 million with many millions more to be spent after the games are finished.

    “When these tickets were put on sale after the test event, where we tested every seat to check the view, we didn’t say the view was partially restricted, but we were trying to get more of the British public into the diving.”

    I love London 2012! It gives me something to look forward to on the news every morning when I wake.

  5. ‘The idiots in charge at Hampden Park, Glasgow had the South Korean flag next to the North Korean athlete’s names, you couldn’t make it up!’

    Soutie, a glorious pre-Olympic Opening Ceremony evening to you. Immersing myself in a Proms performance on BBC Radio 3 of D Barenboim’s interpretation of the boy Beethoven’s 9th before settling down to watch what I confidently expect to be a magnificent celebration of my country. I could, as ever, be wrong.

    Normally, I would be the first to have a crack at the Weegies about this sort of thing. But, to be fair, it appears that this was a Capital cock-up. The flags that were hoisted over Hampden were correct. The video that they sent up from London was the one with the wrong flags. That is presumably why it took so long to sort out. These things happen.

    Won’t stop Greeting Face Salmond (who aspires to be the Dour Leader of a future People’s Republic of Jockland) sending an apologetic message to Pyongyang explaining that it is all the fault of our colonial English masters who are seeking to drive a wedge between the Scottish and North Korean folk so that they continue to grind our faces into the dust of oppression and deprivation.

    Right then, off for a feast of Olympic fun for the next few weeks. Short break to watch the Sharks thumping the Stormers, of course, and gutted that I will, as a result, be missing the eagerly awaited clash between the Czech pair of Kolokova and Slukova and the exciting Schwaiger sisters from Austria in the Women’s Beach Volleyball. And the end of Canucks v Banyana Banyana.

    Choral movement kicking in as I type. Life could not get better. Bring it on!

  6. HaHa JM, enjoy your movement 🙂

    I of course am taking a lot of flack down here as an EP supporter (now Bulls) backing the Mountaingoats against what used to be The Coastal Sharks (I’ve explained more than once elsewhere) who in my opinion …… ya ya ya it’s becoming a broken record, I know.

    I’ve got my principles. We’ve a table booked at The Blinking Owl tomorrow where I’ll be outnumbered perhaps 10-1, I can live with that 🙂

  7. Bulls? Goats?? Sharks?? Where, where, WHERE???

    Light me a barbie, or should that be a braai?.


  8. Soutie, you’re right, there are a lot of idiots in charge at Hampden Park.

    Have to tell you your comment on “Ibid.” cracked me up. Just read it this morning and have been laughing all day. The mental image of a bloodthirsty judge throwing a Batman comic at a condemned man has amused me no end. All day long people have been coming up to me. “What’s funny?” “What’s the matter with you?”
    If I end up being taken away, I’ll know who to blame. 🙂

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