Photo comp #25. And the winner is……..

Time for me to put the black cap on and pass judgement upon the 25th Photo Competition. Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures. There were not quite as many as I had hoped for, but there were some really good ones there.

  • LW’s organ is a magnificent picture, although it is a shame you could not get the console in the frame.
  • Ara’s harmonica band was very good, especially as the instruments in question are Hohners!
  • PG’s Personalised Piano Demolition Derby is a sight to behold and the little guy with the trumpet is very cute! I like these pictures.
  • As for OZ’s highly decorative didgeridont, that is a very nice picture. I had a go on one of those while in Oz last year, and while I managed to get a decent sound out of it, I had a lot of trouble with the circular breathing and nearly choked myself! 🙂

However, there has to be a winner and so, as it is a wonderful picture, and it is a toss up whether a church organ or a Stratocaster is my favourite instrument, this competition’s winner is LW (Agin, this is getting boring 🙂 )

Organ at Salisbury Catherdal

Well done, Low Wattage!

7 thoughts on “Photo comp #25. And the winner is……..”

  1. FEEG – you have chosen a worthy winner for the lighting and symmetry in the picture is truly amazing and though you cannot see the console one can imagine the shimmering sound of the organ filling the space. My own entries were a bit of fun and I was disappointed more people didn’t throw their hat (or whistle) into the ring – If only we all had access to the orchestra pit! Anyway, congratulations LW – it IS a fantastic picture.

  2. Well done, LW.

    Thank you for your kind comments, FEEG, and well judged, I don’t think anyone could beat LW’s brilliant photograph!

  3. Well, I am chuffed, it was one of the few good pictures I took during my trip. Thank you FEEG and thanks to everyone else who liked the picture. I will give Photo Comp.#26 some serious thought and pronounce a theme.

    LW (Again, this is getting boring 🙂 ) —

    FEEG I can absolutely guarantee I will not win the next one 🙂

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