The magnolia’s nearly out

Yesterday was so warm after lunch.
There is so much to do in the garden.
I should really have been out there weeding and seeding. Instead I sat in the recliner and listened to a rather good play on the radio then read for a while, before a long walk with a friend and her excitable lab. All wonderful in the beautiful Spring sunshine!

I thought I’d better make the most of it all, just in case these few days will be our ‘early Summer.’


7 spot ladybird


Paeony shoots


Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

9 thoughts on “The magnolia’s nearly out”

  1. I don’t think so. I think the fireglow comes out a little later and is further along int he bed. having said that I can’t remember this one’s name, but rather pretty.

  2. Most certainly seven spots, Nym.

    Lovely picture of the little chap. I must admit I’m becoming quite paranoid about counting spots but I haven’t encountered a harlequin yet! I’m not sure what to do about it anyway: am I I supposed to exterminate it?

  3. Hmmm, I’m with you on this Ara, as I haven’t yet positively identified one yet. The only thing I usually kill without a qualm is a wasp. First one today.

  4. Maybe Helena. Ring any bells?
    We have had a couple of fine days and bumble bees have been out. Now to pay for it another week of rain!!

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