8 thoughts on “SA v NZ live commentary”

  1. Well, on those small grounds 250 is never going to be enough, they are after all built for rugby! A good win nevertheless, I hope our boys can keep it up.

    What a week of cricket, 3 overlapping tours in three different time zones makes for excellent entertainment.

  2. Another controversy down under 😕

    Hussey should have been given out from what I saw, 1st the ‘mankading’ incident now this ❓

  3. If it was me I would have appealed for ‘handling the ball’ not ‘obstructing the field.’

    But it wasn’t me 😉

    I didn’t see it live but just the replays in the later overs, I believe that there was enough doubt in the onfield umpires to send it upstairs, so not cut and dried then?

    Is 252 enough? I wouldn’t have thought so, going to make the log and last 2 games very interesting should India win this one.

  4. Short by 20 or 30. We don’t stand a chance unless our bowlers get four quick wickets, which is unlikely, to say the least. Particularly with Watson as the inexperienced captain. Heigh ho! 😦

  5. Just read this on the ‘handling issue’

    Very well explained and very interesting, in retrospect I’d give Hussey the benefit of the doubt on the defence that he was protecting himself, and that’s a very fair exemption to the laws in my opinion.

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