NZ v SA T20

For a change it wasn’t us snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

In fact ½ way through the Black Caps innings I thought that it was all over and said as much on my ‘England’ post, then with 2 overs to go only 10 runs were needed for not only a New Zealand win but also the series, normally a fairly comfortable proposition.

But, cricket’s a funny ol’ game and just to prove it, what seemed like an apparent convincing loss turned into an improbable victory.

On the left is Marchant de Lange, the final over hero (2 wickets only 3 runs conceded) but that’s not what this post is about!

See the red ribbons on the sleeves? Today marks  the first anniversary of that terrible earthquake in Christchurch, in which 189 people lost their lives.

I found it hard to believe that it was ‘only’ 12 months ago, seems so much longer than that, good on the cricketers for reminding me.

NZ Herald article here

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